Thursday, 7 February 2008

I'm-totally-obsessed-with-Hot-Chip Week Pt. II

Gathering momentum and ever joyous responses Hot Chip look to be falling into the periphery of those ever more mainstream estute chart lovers. Maybe the inversion of popular styles and genres of music, and even more specifically rhythm and instrumental sound, to create something accessible whilst being totally different works in favour of the band.

It is quite strange to talk to people at my University who tell me when mentioning Hot Chip that they too are massive, die-hard fans, yet have never realised there was an album (or in fact any sort of music produced by the band) before The Warning, their second album, or even more nit-pickingly precise, the single Over And Over. I suppose lyrics regarding monkeys, cymbals and the spelling of sexy, electronica-porn words will always evoke attention.

But I find it sad that Coming On Strong is overlooked. And, yes, I must admit it makes me judge these persons pretty harshly. Okay, so it might not be their fault they've never made the effort to peruse the discography section of the bands website to see there is a whole LP plus EP's that they have missed, but if it is the case then I don't want to hear claims of die-hard fan status. I have neither the time nor the energy for lies.

So here is a massively haphazard video I quickly found from YouTube of a collection of Hot Chip bit-and-bob type clips of performances of Down With Prince. We are illustrating the greatness of 'early' Hot Chip material. Whatever 'early' might mean. Construe from that what you will.

Gettin' down with your own badness!!"


Jhonatan E. Primón said...

Hi! im just visiting some bloggers and I see yours. thas good. I live in Argentina, so i don't know Hot Chip, but I see the video, interesting. Beautiful photograph!

Mulrine said...

Yey for Argentina. Nice to have a comment from someone so far away. Hi Jhonatan!

Nice to think Hot Chip is now a band in your consciousness now. You should come back this week to have more audio delights!

Shaun said...

hot chip are fantastic. its funny how many people dont know this is their third album.

its an truly incredible record though.