Thursday, 20 March 2008

A new dawn..

Life is going to be different now. Its very scary and nerve-racking. But I'm attempting to be uncharacteristically positive about it all.

I must say at certain points its a lot easier. Yet there are little reminders all around of what has been lost. And the nights bring the new, challenging and frightening loneliness that I had not anticipated.

I'm hoping to maybe experience new things, reinvest some energy into me and myself; and, thus emerge all the better. New improved! I just reckon it is going to take the possibly shedding of my own body weight in tears to get there.

So I heard this song in the car of a pretty significant journey this afternoon and it was all I could do to force back the tears.

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Bare with me. It is going take everything I have to keep myself stable and not having an extensive list of people to rally round me any support would be greatly received by your ever tinged-with-cynicism,-tragedy-and-humour writer.


Wireless said...

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Colin said...

Yup, time to focus on you. Hold strong S, it's all about starting to move on, things being brighter in the sun... as mercury rev put it so well, in just one minute and twenty seconds of sheer wonderfulness... x

Anonymous said...

mercury rev also stated....shes a goddess on a highway, a goddess in a car, a goddess going further than shes ever gone berore....

she will always be that to me.