Thursday, 12 July 2007

Upset, aggitated, frustrated, disillusioned..

Between heart-breaking conversations, missing out on money day-after-day on Deal Or No Deal and kicking myself in the head by adoring the work of Nietzsche there is a low feeling around Pop Cultureddd.

Some how though, the wonderous, gorgeous Grizzly Bear didn't move me to tears today:

Grizzly Bear - Neck On A Spit [via zShare]

Yet, for some unknown reason pulsing Para One did:

Para One - Du-Dun Dun [via zShare]

But Nietzsche ended up hugging a carthorse and making an idiot of himself in public, so I don't feel that odd... yet.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant minded people suffer, its that simple.

chin up lovely.