Thursday, 5 July 2007

To My Boy

So for my first proper post of my return I have not taken the obvious route. Anyone who has had to endure my company recently for longer than about 10 minutes will be suprised that I'm not posting about a certain band. More later.

However, that is not at all to take in any way away from this band, To My Boy. I've mentioned them before. I first saw them way back when (not actually sure when) at a Club NME night at Middlesbrough Empire and I was completely captivated. I was just stood waiting for the usual guitar-based, mediorce, indie, pseudo-Libertines rip off. And on walked To My Boy. They have synths!! Oooo. I was very excited.

They were one of the few acts I saw at Middlesbrough Music Live. And even though I could feel my face being horribly sunburnt I couldn't turn away from To My Boy.

Their debut album is finally out. It came out on Monday to be exact. Messages is an incredibly engaging and upfront album. Fast-paced, hard-driven, screaming synths. I just adore it. Not to say its all up-up-up. I've got grievances with Eurkea that I have not reconciled. I just can't put my finger on it.

But all the singles are bloody awesome, obviously. I must say my favourite by far is Model that messy distorting riff has me dreaming about To My Boy just about every night for the past 3 weeks. But I guess my other preferred tracks are; In The Zone, which is about "reconciling the local with the global", an attempt to fuse a bit of sociology? I think so. See globalization; Talk, which the closing part of the song is just luscious, reminds me of my beloved Lo-Fi-FNK, high praise indeed; the end 'secret' track Game Over, just brilliant, it needs no more explaining.

And, well, music aside, these guys, Sam White and Jack Snape, just seem totally and completely friendly and I say that not having had any contact with them. Very committed to their fans. Incredibly interactive. Much more than any other band I can currently think of who've released an album. But add them on their MySpace and you'll soon see. A little bit addicted, eh, boys? Aren't we all.


CEC said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Bout time you returned you are ace!

Mulrine said...

Awww. Ta.


D.B. said...

Gah, I really must buy this album. I was addicted to the songs on their Myspace for a few months leading up to Middlesbrough Music Live (where I never got to see them anyway) so I was disappointed to find that they've now taken 'The Grid' off it, so that's forced my hand. I'll have to buy it now. Great stuff.