Friday, 6 July 2007

Simian Mobile Disco

And, so, like everyone in the world of 'blog' have posted about Simian Mobile Disco today. So I won't go against the grind. Pop Cultureddd needs all the lovin' it can get!

So go to, well, more or less any of the blogs in the links section to the right and get your fingers grasped onto your mouse to click and save the new SMD track that is floating about.

It's very nice.


Simian Mobile Disco - 3 Pin Din

And look at all their tour dates! GO SEE THEM! I guarentee you'll enjoy it. They are fucking awesome live!

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Anonymous said...

Simian mobile disco are ace live, one of the best live acts ive seen to date. Although I dont think 'I believe' is suited to the end of the set.