Tuesday, 17 July 2007


We really are pushing the boat out here for this one. Rebelski is an artist I have been very fond of for a long while. Travelling, fourth-member to Doves, keyboardist, finger wiggling, brilliantly named, delight Martin Roman Rebelski, is a little known wonder.

With two albums under his belt on Twisted Nerve I cannot praise this wonderous electronica, subtle, sweet and yummy phenomenon enough.

Both his albums Thanks For Your Thoughts and Stickers On Keys are quite infamous in the small and little experienced world of Ms Mulrine. And anyone who has had the (dis)pleasure of spending a summer's afternoon with myself will know of the cruel game I like to play when my it is hot and the sun is streaming into my room by putting on the sheer perfection of either of these albums and then watching the other person be so relaxed and soothed that they fall asleep by the fourth track.

So perfect I say right now having worked a 10 and a half hour shift. I stabbed my left index finger too so typing is painful. Bastard summer sale.

Here is the opening track of Stickers On Keys..

Rebelski - Alka Seltzer [via zShare]

Please, if you like, go and buy it, its well worth your pennies and hopefully it'll prompt Martin Roman to come out of hiding and produce more gorgeous music.


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