Wednesday, 14 March 2007


I feel like I am dying.

But I am vehemently fighting off whatever it may be because I go away to London on Friday. Arcade Fire probably wouldn't appreciate me being ill.

Anyway. Get this round your ears.

Scissor Sisters - She's My Man (Goose remix)

About time someone realised the potential of Scissor Sisters to its full extent. But then again I have recently become quite partial, more than quite, a lot partial to Goose. Descendants of the wonderous Soulwax and hopping straight out of Belguim, Goose are causing more sexual excitement in me than I thought was possible. A penchant for a distorted guitar riff is my weakness, and, well, these guys do it flawlessly as one can expect from hot distortion.

However, I do feel rather twee today. Probably because I'm ill and I need to take the pace a little more slowly and less bass driven. I think some Tom McRae would be best suited.

I encourage you to purchase Scissor Sisters new single that has that awesome Goose remix on it. Get it here.

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