Thursday, 1 March 2007


Now, when the much loved Clor split up it sent, well, I'd have to describe them as, ripples of grief, between me and about two other people that I knew. I had never had the chance to see them live and they produced a sound very unique and writhing with eclecticism, so it was no shock when the reason they gave for spliting was due to musical differences.

The person who introduced me to Clor has recently introduced me to the frontman, Barry Dobbin's, latest project. Barringtone. Stick with it. Yes, in places a little scrappy and rough. But if you can get hold of Snake In The Grass try and tell me that hook isn't astounding. The haphazard sound just add to the charm. Very good.

Its a very bare MySpace profile but I am hoping Barringtone will soon be flooded with upcoming dates and some new material. It makes me as happy as ice cream.

I should really credit the person who introduced me. One of the Broken Hooker DJ's. They have a radio show and do nice sets now and then. Blah.

My monthly compilation CD is underway now. Starting to take shape.

Oh, which reminds me. If anyone reading would ever like a copy of my compilation CD's please let me know. Its nice to share (so I've heard). And some people really enjoy them. Its a bit of an artform to me.

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Yeah can't wait for the new Lord Barringtone stuff. The first gig is: