Thursday, 8 March 2007

SebastiAn and others..

I have an incredible soft spot for SebastiAn. A major feature of my compilation CD's last year was the work of this guy. And I've just got the latest offering, Greel. But my sound quality of it is so poor that I think its fucking with the disortion of the bass because there is so much distortion due to the poor sound quality. However, aside from the unfavourable sound quality the track itself is in as dark and warping a feel as ever and just another wonderful achievment to add to SebastiAn's working.

Mr Oizo has another few little offerings on the latest Ed Banger compilation CD. Patrick122 will make your head spin. Mine did. With envy of that clear-cut, undeniable ability. It sounds absolutely effortless. He takes the idea of pausing to awesome levels. So perfectly crisp you feel the overhang in your stomach.

Get these listened to.. Fucking now.. Get ready.. It's an absolute imperitive.. Ocelot are from the US and going to take the world by storm. They are making a couple of appearences over there at some awesome events that are packed with some of the best electro, techno artists, producers and DJ's. But find it yourself. I'm too jealous of anyone with the opportunity of going to help you out with a link!

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