Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Sociological perspective on music..

It seems that having a perspective on the world that can be seen as something rather objectively can cause some amount of controversy to people. And those closest to me. Especially to those that are so deeply involved with a genre/scene/sound that they find it hard to take it being questioned.

Music is something that everyone has access to, can enjoy, create, play with, know about. But when you question the fundamentals of it or possibly say or imply something people tend to get very upset.

I seem to be losing friends.

But I've decided that I am going to attempt to carry out a small scale study to the best of my abilities to maybe uncover these ideas a little further.

I'm still heavily in deep thought about it, however, and I expect it to be a long and difficult process. One that I may not discuss until it is through.

So keep a close eye.

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Spaced said...

As you know my knowledge on sociology is limited, Ann Oakely Talcott Parsons and the famous Giddens is as far as my knowledge extends on the matter. But that is just me, i am very much swayed by the phychological works of Rogers, Beck and of course Mr Ellis.
That is not to say the study of music using a sociological perspective isnt a unique method of research which I look forward to seeing completed results.