Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Blogging, eh?

Well, this is a completely new phenomenon to me. Which is rather disconcerting when you think that I am being lectured by people twice my ages who are far more up to date on this sort of thing.

Well I suppose I should outline a few things about myself.

I'm Steph. I'm a student, a cynic, a cold-hearted beast, a pretensious, evil witch. Although apparently not everyone agrees with that the people who know me best see me more as a witty, passionate, strong soul.

My two big loves in this life are music and sociology.

And I guess that leads me to the reason of why I'm doing this at all. I suppose its because I enjoy blogs like Big Stereo, Headphone Sex, FluoKids, etc. And I thought it would be a good outlet and I hope I can possibly with my infused love for both music and sociology bring something a little different to the floor of blogging. Especially since I have incurring an awful lot of slander on my mainstream-slating thoughts. I seem to provoke people.



1 comment:

Zebraman said...

You have inspired me as per usual to new openings and new things.

'You are amazing you are'