Thursday, 22 February 2007

Van She Tech

So Big Stereo have posted a couple of things about these recently. And I guess if I had the time, I'd of looked from Van She's MySpace page and found Van She Tech myself. But I'm not that hip and cool. And I never seem to have the time to peruse anymore (serious amount of sociology work on).

But Van She Tech are quickly becoming incredibly impressive. Because we are at the point now where only a handful of persons are considered to remix well. And these 'guys' (it has been bashed out on Big Stereo and I think its been concluded thats what they are.. male) they are producing stuff of astounding quality. Their remixes are hard-hitting, incredibly confident sounding and will grab you by the throat.

So get yourself on our good friends Big Stereo blog and get the Sneak Soundsystem mix and have a look round the Van She Tech MySpace page.

Hopefully some DJ's will pick this up and they'll be making kids cry in clubs at the sheer joy of Van She Tech.

Prepare to be blown away!

(Back to finishing the Barber book review. Sigh.)

Edit: I almost forgot to add... I have gossip. But I can't share yet. Oooo! I was excited though..

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