Thursday, 28 April 2022


Long before I started the Pop Cultureddd blog I was voraciously listening to music.

My Dad used to have cable when I was a kid and when I would stay with him I could be found watching a lot of MTV2. The most potent and vivid memory was always the Placebo advert. It was powerful. It featured Nancy Boy and I was obsessed with Brian Molko's lyrics, style and vocals. The self-titled debut album was stunning from beginning to end.

Placebo's first three albums I had burned versions of and they were played frequently. Having almost accidentally stumbled upon them again recently I have been plunged back into a familiar soundscape of early teenage angst, but without the hormones and self-wallowing.

Being fairly hyper sceptical as a teenager of capitalism - and now hyper critical as an adult - the single Slave To The Wage from the album Black Market Music was a personal favourite to ruminate on.

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