Friday 3 November 2017

Leo Kalyan

Heavy-hearted, raw and beautiful nevertheless. Leo Kalyan lays it bare in aching vocals. The track Fucked Up on the Outside In EP showcases not only his ability to produce dark synth-pop, but also his heritage and cultural conflict.
"It's a song about falling short of people’s expectations. I grew up Muslim between London and Lahore, but now, as a gay person living the life of an artist in East London, I’m constantly aware of the toll being myself takes on me and my family and my relationships. Sometimes I feel fucked up for what I put them through. I imagine other people feel the same way sometimes too. The song is about confronting that, and releasing yourself from your baggage."
(The Fader, 2016)

With new material floating that I would recommend you explore, here is the aforementioned track and EP from 2016 to whet your appetite.