Tuesday 27 June 2017


Years ago I was in one of those big HMV's you used to get. You remember the ones, in a city centre, they actually carried music as opposed to just DVDs. And music in various formats too! Anyway, I was browsing and a track came on. It was electronic, a bit techno, but with a real disco edge too.

No one else seemed impressed, but my legs carried me straight to the counter - probably doing a subtle dance too.

'Scuse me. Who is this that your playing?

Err, hang on.

*Looks for CD*

Lindstrøm. Or sommat.


*Mutters to self whilst walking away "Or sommat? What a doyle."*

Needless to say this sent me scurrying to indulge myself. To then realise that I have heard many of Lindstrøm's tracks as part of mixes or compilations and enjoyed, without making the connection. Scattered mind, innit?

Here are a couple of favourites.

Monday 19 June 2017

Inescapable tumult..

The relentless whirring of news can be overwhelming. Being able to switch it off if a relief usually. However the events of the past 4 weeks have been almost impossible to switch off even when the commentary has been silenced.

I keep coming back to music for solace. Just as I have done since I was a child.

The dark urban sounds of Burial's [post]dubstep are providing a cathartic assuaging of the most acute despair.