Saturday 26 November 2011

The Field - Looping State of Mind

The Field and his work have been - and this is not an understatement - probably the cornerstone of my musical existence since 2007. I would guess that From Here We Go Sublime is the album I have listened to most in my lifetime.

So new material from this artist is of huge significance.

I am still taking time to become acquainted with Looping State of Mind but I really do adore the opening track, Is This Power.

So here it is for your aural pleasure:

01. Is This Power by Nikita Velichko

Did you lose yourself in it? That is a rhetorical question. Of course you did.

Sunday 20 November 2011

Mr Oizo - Stade 2

I'm not one for tattooing, but often when listening to Oizo - I've dropped the Mister - I feel overwhelming that I would happily deliberately scar my body with a permanent display of my love and affiliation for the work of this man.

I'm coming to terms with many things currently. One of those things being Stade 2.

Here is Camelfuck. Apparently it is obvious that I would love from 1:29 onwards. But who wouldn't?

CAMELFUCK by oizo mr 3000

Anyway, I'm off to rejiggle my 'top 5' to make room for Oizo and Eddie Mair.