Saturday 20 December 2008

The Boy Least Likely To

The Boy Least Likely To, that would be the very lovely whilst incredibly funny and engaging, Peter and Jof, have done a rather gorgeous little Christmas song.

The First Snowflake from The Boy Least Likely To on Vimeo.

Please go and buy it. They and I would be grateful if you did and your life would be infinitely more adorned.

BUY IT HERE from Amazon. Because I don't like iTunes.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Tempting fate..

I am ill. I pretty much hate having to give into it and just let myself be in. And as such I have taken to hoarsely singing this around the apartment.

If I'm too ill to go to work again at least I won't have to listen to Mariah Carey's Christmas audible murdering. Or that fucking God-awful new Beyonce song. Will she not just fuck right off and take her twat of a man/husband/fiance/lapdog with her to a small cave.


Franz Ferdinand - Jacqueline [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Tuesday 16 December 2008

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap are from Australia. They have a sound that is just really lovely.

Pressing yet delivered with every ounce of sincerity I think I have ever heard.

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Sunday 30 November 2008

Filthy Dukes

So I really am not going to say too much other than I think this track is great. Genuinely brilliant.

Don't let more recent releases fool --

The Filthy Dukes may be a quandry of demands and ambivilance --

Just because I now hear this track and think of testicles --

Here is the track, I obviously shouldn't say anymore.

Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Friday 21 November 2008


I like the Swedish lady. I like her hair, too. I think it might be the antithesis of my own.

My housemate has Robyn's telephone number.

Christian Falk Ft Robyn - Dream On

Monday 10 November 2008

Mr Scruff

This is for my Dad. Thank you, Daddy!

In dedication to his daily commute from a glorious sea-side town to Hull. As he quotes, "Hull - not the end of the world... but you can certainly see it from here".

Mr Scruff is different. From what, exactly? Well, more or less everything. And if you think his material sounds like something, it is just a wrong frame of reference. The thing that you think he sounds like, sounds like him. Confused?

Perfect travelling track. For time spent on the tracks.

Mr Scruff - Get A Move On [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Three days to go..

Friday night, Brixton Academy, Hot Chip. This band are literally a corner stone of my musical existence. They add up to much more than any other band and I have so much personal history connected to them.

Have a song to celebrate.

Taken from the first album.

Hot Chip - Keep Fallin'

Monday 3 November 2008

Retail fashionata victim..

Yes, that would be me. My soul has been all but lost to the demon, profit-seeking, dream-crushing machine that is a particular retail company. Over the coming weeks leading upto Christmas at the promise of more hours at the pathetic minimum wage I shall be there intensely. Probably shedding bodily fluids, weight and sanity, all in the name of increasing turnover of customers and sales.

Maybe I'll be an employment worthy candidate in the New Year at a half decent place of work.

Right now, however, this song is keeping me somewhat distracted whilst at work from my rather awkward situation. And I've got quite a naughty little finger clicking dance perfected to this song.

And being me here are some typical "ice-cream-on-toast" type remixes, that I'm apparently predictable for.


John Legend feat. Andre 3000 - Green Light (Sland remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

I am particularly fond of this one. It brings out a rather a cheeky smile.

John Legend feat. Andre 3000 - Green Light (Johnny Douglas remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Thursday 16 October 2008

Mr Oizo

Can anyone actually wait for the release of this or is it just turning into a physical impossibility?

The Boyfriend and I have been looking round the internet for anything that comes to be leaked. We've heard a few and to be honest sometimes it just smacks that impatience is a disease made ever worse by the quickening access to everything in the world excelerated by the internet.

Pop Mr Oizo into the Hype Machine and you'll see a selection of various leaked bits.

But I'd like to share this. It actually makes my skin want to burst.

Mr Oizo - Gay Dentists [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Am I seeing things?

Or is Seasick Steve really on the Paul O'Grady Show?

I have lost it.

Nightmares about Hollyoaks. Mistaking the sudden onset of tinnitus for the adjacent apartments fire alarm. And seeing Seasick Steve chatting to Paul O'Grady and bursting into a bit of improvisation with the once lady man himself!

I'm going to have a lie down.

Tuesday 7 October 2008

The Laughing Light Of Plenty

This has floated over the vast Atlantic. You know, how they say, 'across the pond'? Well that is where this has ventured from. And it sounds as every bit well travelled and matured as you could imagine.

The Rose is tantamount to pure euphoric joy.

I daren't say too much about this track. I really daren't. It is just amazing.

The Laughing Light of Plenty are certainly very promising.

The Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Saturday 27 September 2008


Take a moment.

Jape - Floating

Not heard this in ages.


Friday 26 September 2008

The Delgados

As the seasons change. On the cusp of one another. It can be the point you notice it most.

I adore the autumn. The days that have an empty, cold breeze in the air telling you that it is going to bring something much colder after it, so get prepared. The sunsets of wicked orange, purple and teal blue. The tepid nights that make you wish you'd worn a hat and scarf. The deep, familiar smell of someone burning something far away.

At this time of year I can't help but be reminded of the past. Things that happen at this time of year and the way it made me feel.

Waking this morning I thought of this song. Of what it symbolised to me. How the song made me feel back then and how it makes me taste that feeling now.

I cried.

But I reckon The Delgados just do that to you.

The Delgados - American Trilogy [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Thursday 25 September 2008

Kaiser Chiefs

My favourite lyric this year.

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat

"Want do you want for tea?
I want crisps."

This song alone is possibly the best sociological snap-shot of adolescent life in 2008.

I love it!

Makes me giggle every time.

Wednesday 24 September 2008

The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable are somewhat new on the scene. Or they at least feel it. I have plunged into some of their work and it definately sounds like the they'll be a band I keep an eye on to see if their sound blossoms with the potential that I think it harbours already.

Tweaking here and there on a couple of songs. They've got a load of live dates, so have a look. I reckon they translate differently live. And that is always exciting and interesting.

Creating vast sounds that appear to be careering towards you at great speed, volume and energy. The Joy Formidable bring songs and lyrics right into the centre of your focus, leaving nothing for the peripheral and with this song especially who needs anything in their peripheral!

The Joy Formidable - The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade [via zShare]

Tuesday 23 September 2008

James Yuill

I've seen James Yuill be described as 'folktronica', which while I can appreciate may give some sort of relevant likening to his music, I just don't think is suitable. Especially for his current single No Pins Allowed. This track has much more of a hard edge than 'folktronica' would have you believe. And the 'folk' part I can accept. I really can. That term and I get along. I believe its accurate to show what the lovely Mr Yuill is doing. But alluding to 'electronica'. I don't agree with. I'd probably push so far to say that 'electro' would be more appropriate.

With influences that are nearly as diverse as this humble blog, expect magical musical musings from this young man. And check out his MySpace top friends! Its like every electro t-shirt I've been unable get my hands on.

So may I introduce to you the folktro single by James Yuill.

James Yuill - No Pins Allowed

Monday 22 September 2008


Opening with some side-tracked thoughts. Now I couldn't really write what I wanted to write about Sebastian Grainger. It could get me into quite a lot of trouble. But basically it was about giving him some 'new material' to sing about. Seeing as he tends to sing lots of very sexually fraught lyrics all the time.

I've definately not penned any of the said potential lyrics in my head.

"I can't stop those camera flashes,
Tied to this chair, she's got me right where she wants me..."

You know. I've not thought about it really.

Moving swiftly on. As we all know Pop Cultureddd is trying to frantically catch up with all the bits and pieces missed out on over the past few months. Basically if it hasn't made it to the Radio 1 playlist then it is unlikely that I will have come into contact with it.

But working for a certain high-street fashion store means my ears get filled with sounds to make people buy. This can, in fact, be highly annoying. Although something magical happened recently when I found myself being sung to in my ear with the highly exciting lyrics 'I want you with your back up against the wall, I want you in the hallways of the shopping mall'. Its enough to put you off fitting shoes on mens rancid feet!

Data has teamed up with the aforementioned casanova of sexual tension to produce a rather splendid track. To hear the original and PT II of the original pop over to MySpace. Our concern is a couple of the remixes.

This is the remix I can be found shaking my bits to in a high street fashion store. Its incredibly pleasing on the ear. Definately my favourite of the ones I heard. Check out Pacific!.

Data - Rapture (Pacific! remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

This I also like a lot. Its fun and quite camp. Surprisingly The Boyfriend didn't like it.

Data - Rapture (The Skywriters remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Sunday 21 September 2008

Twisted Wheel

I used to be known for my almost blinkered adoration of indie music. Around 2003-05 I could be found at nearly every indie club night I could get to and often a lot of mediocre gigs that coincided with that. But as of late that indie scene has done very little for me. Even the indie nights that used to play strictly scenester jangly guitar music have let it all slip and now mix it up with pop, dance, electro and even a little bit of folk thrown in for good measure.

But this song has really captured me. Taken me back to when I was 18 and could happily spend hours on the dancefloor, flinging myself around and sweating out every liquid ingested that week. I think Twisted Wheel have an urgency to their sound that keeps them relentless, exciting and massively exhilerating.

Twisted Wheel have managed to wrestle back that certain divine spark that disappeared when the Artic Mokeys came along and ruined indie music.

Raw, aggresive, youthful, all the things you could wish for.

Get yourself to one of their many gigs. It'd be messy, I reckon. And messy is good.

Look! Ha.

Saturday 20 September 2008

Duke Dumont

The general consensus was always that, yes, Duke Dumont is pretty awesome, very talented and quite sexy, and so you think that you have everything sussed. The world is as you know it. You are comfortable, or as comfortable as you can, with that fact. Okay, so you'd like Greggs and Tesco to disappear, to make mash the cornerstone of your diet, and to have a lot more sex dreams and less nightmares in which you're inevitably running down a dark corridor with damp walls in your bare feet. But these are the things that are outside of your control and you expect to be annoyances on your day-to-day existence (especially Tesco).

So faith is put in things like gravity, Alexa Chung being in every copy of Look, and Duke Dumont to remix songs as you'd expect. You know, bloody wonderful to the point of a blinding headache.

But not like this. This has come to reshape my summer. And I am very grateful of it.

Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Thursday 18 September 2008

Kings Of Leon

Actually enjoyable? Or have I lost it completely?

There is something I really like about this.

Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire

For You. You know who, You. You know? You.

Wednesday 17 September 2008


It is that feeling. Feeling that you are in a safe pair of hands. Feeling that come what may that there is actually something constant.

Knowing that you are instantly going to like something. After not really liking anything at all for a really long time. Or starting to like weird things. It is all okay. You'll come full circle. Realise what you've been missing out on and decide that all that is needed is a locked door, darkened room, overdose of bedranol, and semi-naked-hair-shaking-flinging-things-with-eye-closed dancing.

Thank the unknown, possibly -- no, probably -- non-existent supreme deity/deities above.


MSTRKRFT - Vuvuvu [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Tuesday 16 September 2008


Or something resembling a certain form of it, maybe? Who knows.

Anyway, I have been reunited with the internet. We have some catching up to do.

So in the meantime I leave you with two nuggets to consider.

I have a goldfish, very beautiful fantailed goldfish, firey orange. Suggestions for a name or aquatic related songs and artists. I need a giggle. Oh. And another fish (hopefully pearly white) to be aquired soon. So keep that in mind.

The other, is it wrong to enjoy commerical dance-esque synths? The Boyfriend would happily expose me for a slight liking to it.

So, get this!

Kanye West - Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele)

Friday 12 September 2008

The lie is nice. So why do you want the truth?

There are about 3 things that I can muster up energy for at the moment.

And Jump In The Pool by Friendly Fires is one of them.

Have a listen on their MySpace.


Tuesday 9 September 2008


Not the game show. Although being a clinically depressed, unemployed loser I have had more than my fair share of it recently. And I am literally no better at it. Forming a six-letter word should not be the highlight of my day!

A countdown to having the internet again! Apparently it should be sorted by the end of the month.

A break from the hum-drum in the shape of birthday celebrations. This included woollen bobble hats, Tigermilk in glorious velvety vinyl, a three tier cake (every tier a different flavour, don't you know), and as of yet an empty goldfish bowl. Fun, frolics and spectacular company made for an ever eventful time of year.

I wished to share with you some of my recent listenings, but its proving pretty difficult on a public-use library computer. So a MySpace link will have to suffice. It may possibly be completely incorrect as I can't hear what is playing on the page and would be buggered if I can remember the name of the track that I heard a glimpse of and possibly liked.


Bloody hell. A much more professional and orderly Pop Cultureddd will reemerge soon. You can be sure of that much.

Thursday 21 August 2008

Still here..

Just hiding a little bit, maybe.

My new apartment doesn't have the internet and BT are a bunch of bastards.

My listening habits have degenerated so you are probably lucky I haven't been able to post.

Dank libraries built in the 70's are not really places I wish to visit often.

What are you listening to?

Saturday 28 June 2008

Bowie cover..

There are few words to express my feelings toward this cover.

But needless to say.. FUCK YOU, FRANZ FERDINAND!

Will Matthew Dear ever stop being bloody amazing?

David Bowie - Sound & Vision (Matthew Dear cover) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Friday 27 June 2008


University has been a testing time for myself. Something I would not like to repeat in a hurry. That is not to say I am not totally in love with studying and the social sciences. But I think I can safely declare I always hated being a student.

I've experienced some of the darkest times of my life so far whilst doing this course and to make it to the end is something I am finding very hard to reconcile. So lets have a song that stood out.


Radiohead - Idioteque [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Thursday 26 June 2008

Abstract concepts...

As much as I tend to love those bastards that cause me much distress, they can fuck off right now. Truth, knowledge, justice, liberty, etc, etc, etc. As much as it is exciting and stimulating lets just fuck it all off for the night.

Sheer tingling sensation from head to toe is required instead. Don't listen to the lyrics or anything, just feel the melody. I have obviously turned into a hippy. Get your bleep on.

Matthew Dear - Good To Be Alive [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

And if we are at it, we may as well, seeing as I've had a few too many mugs of wine to drink...

Mystery Jets - Hideaway (Switch remix)* [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

* For a special someone. Thank you.

Sunday 1 June 2008

In the final throws..

The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

The title of this YouTube video must be sarcastic. How very postmodern.

Friday 30 May 2008

Partial Arts

In the depths of the afternoon is often, at the moment, where I hit the wall of sheer despair. It comes from no where. Quite happily bobbing along. Then there it is. As if it had been there all along. The great towering, looming feeling. There really is no further I can go. Not a chance I can push myself past this. I've reached the sum point.

At which point regrouping is needed. Popping of medication. Chocolate digestive. An attempt to regather rationality. Oh, yea, and this track.

Partial Arts - Trauermusik (Alter Ego mix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Dada Life

If you are ready for a bit of rough and tumble, then let's go!

Dada Life are a very exciting two piece DJing-music-making combo from Sweden, not that geographical location should have anything to do with it but those Scandinavian countries do tend to throw out some exciting musical virtuosos, do they not?

Very kindly, last week, I was sent Dada Life's latest mix. Which is made even sweeter tasting by the fact it contains some exclusive remixes dotted here and there. Just as exciting as I need from my mixes. Because, well, if I'm honest, if you are going to do something you might as well fucking do it!!! As such I tend to like my mixes really fast-paced with lots of heavy funky, distorted bass lines, wobbly remixes and ear-bleeding bleeps and wails.

I can inform you Dada Life do not fail to meet the criterion, surpass it and impress.

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Daft Punk - Teachers (Laidback Luke's 2008 Rework)
2. Surkin - Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium Second Remix)
3. Lykke Li - Dance. Dance. Dance. (Dada Life's Guerilla Fart)
4. Elite Force - Kinetic Connection (Rogue Element Remix)
5. Siriusmo - Simple
6. Maral Salmassi - Television Rocks 08 (Fukkk Offf Remix)
7. T.Raumschmiere - E
8. Etienne de Crecy - Punk
9. Tommy Trash - Lover Lover
10. Dada Life - Fun Fun Fun! (Dada Life's Guerilla Fart)
11. Nhan Solo & Daniel Dexter - The Bounce is Back (Malente Remix)
12. Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (Soulwax Nite Version / Dada Life's Guerilla Fart)
13. Dada Life - Your Favourite Flu
14. The Subs - Papillon (Yuksek & Brodinski Remix)
15. Crookers - Love To Edit

You like it already, don't you?

Dada Life - June Mix [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

[If you can] flick your hair around to this. And touch yourself in an alluring manner.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Take a wild guess..

And you'll probably be right.

I had actually promised myself that I wasn't going to post anything about Hot Chip for at least some acceptable amount of time that would actually make it seem like other music does penetrate my insular little world.

But fuck it. This is absolutely fucking awesome.

I really can only apologise from the depths of my being for Jo Whiley's name and wine-sodden voice ruining this...

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (Hot Chip cover) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

I really do adore Joe Goddard. It is getting to be quite distracting.

Tuesday 13 May 2008

A profound musical memory..

A song has come back around into my mind after being forced to relive a traumatic event that I really did not want to relive.

I had a lucky escape. But had the unthinkable happened, it'd of happened to this song.

Supergrass - Mary [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

As if it isn't dark enough already.

Saturday 10 May 2008

Mr. Oizo

It has been shown by scientists that playing Mozart to an unborn child increases its brain capacity. But as a sociologist/music-enjoyer, I reckon, with some authority, in fact, if it came down to it, I reckon I could argue this convincingly to be true in a court of law, I reckon that the music that is produced by the sensation that is, Mr. Oizo, would probably increase the potential intellect, fashion sense, hand span and sexual prowess.

So whack some headphones onto that bump and play it some of this!

I throw some very wobbly looking shapes to this remix.

Jamie Lidell - Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mr. Oizo remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

And whilst you are over looking at his MySpace. Get Half An Edit popped on the player thingy. It has experienced somewhat of a comeback in my consciousness.

Friday 9 May 2008

La Grève Générale

A new mix!

And you are going to love it. I've only listened to about 5 minutes of it myself. But, really, it is just an inevitably. The La Grève Générale boys cannot really do any wrong.

1. Does it offend you, yeah? - With A Heavy Heart (I Regret To Inform You)
2. Klaxons – Atlantis to Interzone
3. 2 Live Crew - Shake A lil' Somethin'
4. Danger – 11h30
5. Missy Elliot - We run this (Duke Dumont remix)
6. Sebastian - Ross Ross Ross (Iggybabys fuck me harder edit)
7. AC Slater – Bassline time
8. The Presets – My People (DIM remix)
9. Cajuan – Dance Not Dance (Digitalism unreleased remix)
10. Dead Prez - Hell Yeah
11. Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch
12. Alter Ego - Why Not
13. Bone Crusher - Never Scared
14. Shitdisco - I know kung fu (Goose remix)
15. Mylo - Paris Four Hundred (Etienne De Crécy remix)
16. Cut Copy - Light and music
17. Daft Punk - Around the world (Kid Dub remix)
18. Pete Rock - Warzone
19. Daft Punk - Television rules the nation
20. Duke Dumont - Pop dat poosay
21. MSTRKFT - Street justice 07 remix
22. Roman Salzger - Lollipop Machine
23. Refused - Liberation frequency (LGG's rough club edit)
24. Hot Pink Delorean - Played out
25. Plimsouls – Rebecca (re-edit)
26. Armand Van Helden – NYC Beat
27. K.I.M. - Fistogram (DIM remix)
28. Tegan And Sara - Back In Your Head (RAC Remix)
29. B Rich – Dirty dirty
30. Ghislain Poirier - Blazin (Modeselektor Remix)
31. Cadence Weapon - In Search Of The Youth Crew
32. Whitenoise - It's What We Do
33. 2 Live Crew – Face down ass up
34. Teenage BadGirl – Hands Of Strangers (Yuksek Remix)
35. The Smiths - How soon is now
36. Dizzee Rascal – Sirens
37. Rage Against The Machine – Bombtrack
38. Notorious B.I.G. - Party and Bullshit (Ratatat Remix)
39. The Whip – Divebomb
40. Ghosts on Tape – Ice blood
41. Bubba Sparkxxx – Heat it up
42. Siriusmo – Wow
43. Positive K - I got a man
44. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold lion
45. Apparat Feat. Raz Ohara - Holdon (Modeselektor Remix)
46. Abstrackt Keal Agram – Bad thriller
47. Freeform Five – No more conversation (Mylo remix)
48. Donovan – Yo
49. Feist - 1234 (Van She Technologic Remix)

Thursday 8 May 2008

Early bird..

I will definately jinx this by mentioning it but I can't help it. I have bought my tickets to see Hot Chip in November at the very wonderful venue, Brixton Academy. Its a late gig. 9pm-3am. And I'm very excited at the prospect of having very hot man by my side whilst I jiggle and having one to stare at on stage.

I ordinarily wouldn't mention upcoming gigs too much. I bloody forget to mention the ones I've actually been to! But this is just so special I'm giddy already.

I think a late gig will be a very special experience indeed. I'm intrigued already. Only 6 months to go then. Ha.

I love a bit of Hot Chip. So here is some. Covering my favourite Matthew Dear song. Near perfection, I tell you!

Matthew Dear - Don & Sherri (Hot Chip version) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Yes, the above picture is of Joe Goddard. Solely. I realise there are other members, but really, I'm not going to be looking at anyone else...

Wednesday 7 May 2008

SebastiAn (ruined by Marx) and Destroy Disco..

Living in a temporary bubble of Marx's philosophical thought has played havoc with my mind and my musical life. Not to mention I shouted lots at his 1844 Manuscripts, like actually at the page, and then at certain lovely new man in my life. If you are trying to seduce someone may I suggest not showing the pages of work you read and wrote 'FUCK OFF!' down the side of as an attempt at notes.

So, whatever, I've totally missed all the recent bandwagon's. This is coming to you late and carefully considered...

SebastiAn, I always thought, would have to try pretty hard to fall out of my good books. The sun is shining, which is great for most, but I'm far from fucking impressed. I have a cold cup of coffee. I need to produce nearly 3,000 words before lunchtime. Give the new SebastiAn track a whirl I thought, it'll make everything seem a whole lot nicer.

Noise. And I like it noisy. But I'm sat not feeling it. Legs tingle. It is probably not fair to judge with my rubbishy computer speaker, so out come the beautiful headphones. Toes start to curl. I'm still sitting on the fence. Hands are so tight my nails are in the palms of my hand. Owww! Then I realise. Fuck! It is actually great. My body is nearly tensing every muscle just to make the point to my brain.

And we can blame Marx for the not having realised sooner.

Stolen from another blog..

SebastiAn - Motor [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

"..If you wish to exercise an influence on other men, you must be a man who has a really stimulating and encouraging effect on other men.."

And for good measure. Lets get a fucking excellent retro remix of my very gorgeous dream woman..

Kylie - 2 Hearts (Destroy Disco remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Easily my favourite remix of that song. Apparently you can hear me coming when I have my headphones on with that playing. Bleeps translate well, I reckon. I must say I'm fairly partial to the work of Destroy Disco. Go have a listen and shake some body parts.

Friday 2 May 2008

The Beta Band

Sometimes the world really should just burst into an explosion of sound and colour. For no good reason other than that it is a Friday morning.

This would definately be all the sound(s).

The Beta Band - Monolith [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Friday 25 April 2008

Elbow - One Day Like This

I have an awful lot of drafts on Pop Cultureddd.

And a burning desire to write a lengthy and thought-provoking piece on Jean-Francois Lyotard and manage to make it relevant to the pursuit of a beautifully blended writing style. But time is of the essence.

Honesty is the key, sometimes. I can't feel the world at the moment. My medication has been upped somewhat and now the world, myself and my emotions are all very far away from one another.

But this just brought them crashing all together in a thunderous chorus of tears and vocal delights.

Elbow - One Day Like This

The video is beautifully compelling.

My chest is tight.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Mystery Jets

I had a 'hot date' to go and see these last night. The Mystery Jets were pretty much great. But my date was far more exciting.

Enjoy this lovely song. Find someone to hold hands with to it.

Mystery Jets (feat. the very beautiful Laura Marling) - Young Love

Monday 14 April 2008

Oxford Collapse

So, on the advice of my blog and sociological soul mate I got myself along to see Frightened Rabbit at York's City Screen Basement Bar last Friday. When your mind is a little all over the place sometimes, to your great surprise, you find that a drink and the experience of some truly exceptional sound in a tremendous tiny venue can just be the thing to remind you who you are and why you manage to get yourself out of bed on a morning. I realised I'm a music-lover. And realised it hard.

It was pretty much something that took me by surprise, Oxford Collapse, that is. I mean, you are stood probably a foot away and there is not a single great expectation in the air, that is all reserved for the main action of the night. So to be treated to what was a pretty astounding set, so astounding in fact that it was mentioned to me by my friend that maybe they stood Frightened Rabbit up slightly, well, its a rare and wonderful thing.

Something unexpected to sweep you off your feet.

They were fun, fast and fucking sexy.

I'm the proud owner of an Oxford Collapse t-shirt now.

Oxford Collapse - Please Visit Our National Parks [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Friday 11 April 2008

Yet more apologies..

For the lack of due care and attention to my little, lovely, music-filled corner of the World Wide Web.

Things have been pretty weird, and the even weirder thing? I'm feeling pretty great. Massively spurred on by waking up quite often with a fantastic, camp electro-pop song stuck in my head. This song is like pouring velvet into your ears. And it seems to be completely unavoidable at the moment. I'm trying not to let that ruin it for me with the inevitable over-played-song-phenomena.

I just caught a glimpse of the making of the video malark. Sam Sparro seems like an incredibly nice guy.

Sam Sparro - Black And Gold

Wednesday 26 March 2008

X-core panic..

I'm not sleeping. Well, not without intense nightmares/sex nightmares. And the medication I take for my lovely friend, my panic disorder, isn't working anymore.

The circumstances of life pave the way, almost entirely, as to what I will listen to at any given moment. Whether it be breaking sub-woofers in an attempt to create the most all-out, rollicking rave while I drunkenly bounce off walls and bruise every inch of my soft body, or whether I'm curled up, face tucked deeply into a pretty cushion with huge, warm, enveloping headphones singing sweet, gentle melodies into my consciousness. So this blog reflects that, increasingly. It is not something I can help, nor will apologise for. Not always at the cutting edge of the latest releases, because, for me, that is not very frequently how music works and, in my humble opinion, is not how music should be listened to. We've kind of got muddled in this world of immediacy where an album or track is forgotten of as quickly as it is conceived.

Right now my life makes Hollyoaks look boring and banal. (Incest and psychotic murder is never boring)

So, if I'm honest with you, I'm trying hard to put on a very well practised facade. Thus, it is probably no surprise I've found myself listening to very garbled and noisy music. Reflects the inside of my head better.

I love Four Tet.

Four Tet - Smile Around The Face [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Thursday 20 March 2008

A new dawn..

Life is going to be different now. Its very scary and nerve-racking. But I'm attempting to be uncharacteristically positive about it all.

I must say at certain points its a lot easier. Yet there are little reminders all around of what has been lost. And the nights bring the new, challenging and frightening loneliness that I had not anticipated.

I'm hoping to maybe experience new things, reinvest some energy into me and myself; and, thus emerge all the better. New improved! I just reckon it is going to take the possibly shedding of my own body weight in tears to get there.

So I heard this song in the car of a pretty significant journey this afternoon and it was all I could do to force back the tears.

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Bare with me. It is going take everything I have to keep myself stable and not having an extensive list of people to rally round me any support would be greatly received by your ever tinged-with-cynicism,-tragedy-and-humour writer.

Sunday 16 March 2008

Adorno will break your legs..

This man! Oooo! This bloody man!

Imagine, if you will, one of those times when you just simply unable to adequately articulate your frustration at something or, more precisely, someone.

I am grappling for a piece of understanding. A little insight. Something just to ease all of this.

The man above is with whom I'm fighting. Theador Adorno. It is a charged and angry relationship we have. He is dead and he seems to be taking my brain and all its capabilities with him. Fucking bastard!

Ahem. He did actually have some very valid points. But he and I seem to disagree on the importance and relevance of popular culture in its own right, without the money-making agenda. But it is incredibly interesting to see a musicologist that was as disappointed at the way in which the sphere music was treat by capitalist profiteers as I have always felt.

The man will make me cry before the essay is done.

A fitting song? Ignore the James Murphy connections.

Hot Chip - Wrestlers [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Saturday 15 March 2008

Matthew Dear

Not having proper access to a computer is so annoying.

Now after weeks of attempting to deal with the very painful and tragic circumstances that led to my not being able to see Hot Chip and Matthew Dear at Newcastle I've come to realise that carrying this round with me is not healthy. It should be shared and articulated.

Matthew Dear is fantastic. This is very late in the day, I realise, to be passing on such declarations, however, I am not ultra-quick-hyper-uber-hipster-cool. And Matthew Dear will trangress such silliness and epochs of time.

Get a jiggle on to Don & Sherri and hope my powers of eloquence return!

Wednesday 5 March 2008

The Voluntary Butler Scheme

Today was always going to require a small miracle.

Who thought I'd find it on MySpace before 10am?

The Voluntary Butler Scheme is a one-man-name kind of affair. But don't think you are going to be jipped out of a full auditory sensation. No, Rob Jones will not only hold your hand through the gorgeous sounds but he'll fill your mind with lyrics of dreaming and pining. Which, lets face it, is usually the basis for the most heartfelt lyrics that will instantly become your favourite song-that-expresses-everything-I-just-can't-quite-express-yet.

Think cute indie-pop, but lonelier.

And being totally astounding and giving there is a free mini EP. Follow the link below. It was written in a lunch break and recorded in an evening! Doesn't that just make you feel like you totally waste your time? Well, it does me. Probably because I do.

The Voluntary Butler Scheme - The Vol-Au-Vent EP [via MySpace]

Tuesday 26 February 2008

Depleted energy..

The general consensus is that I'm running myself into the ground. Very characteristic of myself, I feel. Catching this fucking awful cold is a sign of that. I don't get ill. Getting ill is for fannies.

So I thought I'd share (if it works) the song that makes me beam inside with a glorious stream of happiness.

Fucking yes!

M.I.A. - Paper Planes [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

This is dedicated first and foremost to my useless friend. May he find me a chair so I don't give quite as bad a dead arm as usual. Everything will work out. Or it better. Make it happen. I'm beginning to think I truly am cursed.

And secondly it is for my cold. Or is the soundtrack to my battle with my cold. Or something. I've lost it, haven't I? Did I ever have it?

I suppose something has got to give...

Wednesday 20 February 2008

Art Brut

This is very strange indeed. A message from the band and management..

"Attention, the Internet!!

It seems Art Brut have accidentally released a single. Yes, the rumours are true. But how could this happen, you may ask? Why were we not informed? Why was it not available in my local record shack, thrust pride of place along side the latest View recording? Well, my friends, pick up any thread of incompetence and it will usually lead you to a record company. That's right, it seems EMI have decided to release Pump Up the Volume without informing either the band or myself, making any kind of wide scale promotion rather difficult. Adding to this curious new marketing stratagem of discouraging sales, EMI have chosen to make the song available via download only. So no luck in the record shacks either.

Please do put the effort into downloading it though. The band are very proud of it and it's a shame to see it and the b-sides go to waste. Let's try and prove the suits wrong in what little time we have left!"

Get it here.

You really should buy it. Our Parents Record Collection is very good.

Here is the viedo for the single Pump Up The Volume. Which we have previously discussed here.

Monday 18 February 2008

Justice, misogny and paranoia

Not the abstract concept of 'justice'. Not tampering with that! Although these guys have probably monopolised this word now, so all you think of is Justice.

I went to see Justice at my once local Mecca, Empire in Middlesbrough, on Friday 8th.

Those French bastards have been everywhere for what seems like forever. By the time their album Cross was released I had pretty much gotten over them. So by the time they were due to play Middlesbrough came round it was a deliberate task to summon up excitement. I managed it though. I found that I have a massively, deep, dirty love for Phantom and, respectively, Phantom, Pt. 2. I'd go to sleep humming it, wake up singing it, listen to it on all journeys out of the house, play it very loudly when on my own in the house. There really was no escaping the way it had completely consumed me. And with a gorgeous new dress, I was sufficiently prepared for the night.

Yet, the night came and it all went horribly wrong for me, not Justice, or accompanying DJ's (well, actually, it did a bit for them too and anyone with ears). No, no, no, it went wrong for me. Me and my stupid head. Mental health problems can lay dormant. Quietly biding their time. You can feel on edge due to the unavoidable release of adrenaline that accompanies the wonderous rush of going for a highly anticipated night out. But if you have a problem with the over-release of adrenaline then it can ruin it all. Reading too much into conversation and concluding your own marginalisation due to misogny of others. The paranoid belief that everyone is judging you to be disgusting. The overwhelming mood swings that either lead to deluded senses of self or a cowering, shivering state throwing up in the beaten up toilets.

As a 'sociologist', or whatever term equally doesn't fit due to my uselessness, I find problems that are supposed to be the domain of psychology fairly alien, annoying and difficult. Over the years however I've learned to largely manage my difficulties myself. And I've also concluded that it is something that an objective eye should not be afraid to critique... Just ask my numerous doctors. Enjoying French-bastard-electro-sex bands are one such way of coping.

Justice for the whole part were as good, if not better, then expected. To be seen as the perfect pinacle of last years French electro revolution then you really do have to be pretty good. Especially if your pretensious, haphazard mixes aren't really doing it for anyone. They were superb. Absolute top quality that led me to even proclaim that Empire should shut it's doors forever (as they'll find it hard to top, especially given their current state) and had me flinging my arms around excitedly for the entire night when the mood took me to euphoria, not to mention the fact I realised that no matter how I threw myself around my breasts were not going to fall out of my dress.

Heavy, dirty riffs echoed throughout and the sexual tension dripped down the ornate walls.

All in all then, Justice were amazing, bound to wind my twisted mind into a further state of delirium. It's just a shame I was already wound so tightly before they even appeared on stage.

Elbow's new video

I met Guy Garvey once. I cannot remember any of it. I was so in love. Always had been.

My plan for him to fall in love with me upon sight didn't work.


Thursday 14 February 2008

I'm-totally-obsessed-with-Hot-Chip Overrun

Where is all my time going? I've barely seen a computer all week! My apologies.

My very gorgeous Boyfriend, please look away now. It's all talk. You know me.

Okay, so I said I have a personal admission.

I have a huge crush, and have had since I saw Hot Chip live in May 2006, on Joe Goddard of the band. And due to all the promo at the moment given the release of their album I must say he has crept up my obscure crushes chart-- No, I don't have one, but you get what I mean, he is in the periphery of my consciousness more.

Having seen the promo video on their MySpace profile in which Owen, Alexis and Joe talk about the process of making their new album Made In The Dark it is pretty much a wonderful thing to witness, people talking about music so eloquently (God knows you aren't going to get any of that here at P.C.!), and then, THEN, its like pillow talk for me. Whilst talking about the track Don't Dance there is anti-capitalist type phrases and a definite incling toward a sociological viewing of dancing in a club!

I have some strange likings, apparently. But I think he is cute. He has a deep singing voice, plays a synth, can grow a nice beard and I imagine would be pretty nifty in the kitchen (an imagining of all my crushes). As my Mum would say, "He looks like a homely boy".

Imagine my utter delight at last weeks Never Mind The Buzzcocks to see him sat there.. in a jacket.. with a beard! I giggled and swooned.


The sort of guy you'd be proud to take home to your Mum.

Thursday 7 February 2008

I'm-totally-obsessed-with-Hot-Chip Week Pt. II

Gathering momentum and ever joyous responses Hot Chip look to be falling into the periphery of those ever more mainstream estute chart lovers. Maybe the inversion of popular styles and genres of music, and even more specifically rhythm and instrumental sound, to create something accessible whilst being totally different works in favour of the band.

It is quite strange to talk to people at my University who tell me when mentioning Hot Chip that they too are massive, die-hard fans, yet have never realised there was an album (or in fact any sort of music produced by the band) before The Warning, their second album, or even more nit-pickingly precise, the single Over And Over. I suppose lyrics regarding monkeys, cymbals and the spelling of sexy, electronica-porn words will always evoke attention.

But I find it sad that Coming On Strong is overlooked. And, yes, I must admit it makes me judge these persons pretty harshly. Okay, so it might not be their fault they've never made the effort to peruse the discography section of the bands website to see there is a whole LP plus EP's that they have missed, but if it is the case then I don't want to hear claims of die-hard fan status. I have neither the time nor the energy for lies.

So here is a massively haphazard video I quickly found from YouTube of a collection of Hot Chip bit-and-bob type clips of performances of Down With Prince. We are illustrating the greatness of 'early' Hot Chip material. Whatever 'early' might mean. Construe from that what you will.

Gettin' down with your own badness!!"

Wednesday 6 February 2008

You know it is bad when..

..your dancing just doesn't have any feeling to it anymore. Even locked away in the privacy of your own room. It's just gone. The lust for life. Or something.

Okay, so we've established that the depression has sunk in. And we can blame it on everything. So enough wallowing and self-pitying. I assume it doesn't make for good reading.

Hot Chip.

I may proclaim this I'm-totally-obsessed-with-Hot-Chip Week. In which there will be an out-pouring of adoration, sharing of pictures, videos and music, and, well, the icing on your great big Hot Chip cake, a possibly personal admission or two. Ahem.

Woo! Huzzah! Woo and huzzah!

Let's have my old reliable favourite from Coming On Strong. There was a point in my life when I was totally obsessed with this track. And I still love it.

Hot Chip - Playboy [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

So this random week of Hot Chip lovin' will run Wednesday to Wednesday, as I am totally defiant of the days of the week, obviously.

If this makes no sense, is in any way odd or strange then I blame it on the fact I reckon I'm still recovering from some sort of alcohol poisoning. Not recommended.

Tuesday 29 January 2008

The Presets

My People - The Presets

Add to My Profile | More Videos

I suffer from time to time with periods which I go through boughts of quite horrendous nightmares. I am a very open book. Like, stupidly open. But some things are just too difficult to share. Knowing my brain likes to be rather mean to me in the night whilst I'm trying to indulge in some unconscious kipping is just really rather torturous.

Anyway, I had a nightmare last night that pretty much left me feeling very far from human for most of the day. And the song featured above was playing in part of said nightmare. Bizarre, eh?

Wednesday 23 January 2008

Cut Copy

I am not normally one to get excited-- no, wait-- yea I am. But even more than usual, I am excited about going to see Cut Copy.

When my Mummy told me I had post to return to and she thought that one of my envelopes might be gig tickets, she is very estute now at gaging that having seen so many in their various packagings, I was giddy. When I opened them in the kitchen on my return anyone would have worried at that much uncontained movement in a space that held so many hot, sharp and generally dangerous items would end in tears. It probably been worth the injury.

My mother was utterly baffled by this extreme reaction. And I must admit, I even shocked myself, I mean, the most exciting thing will be my very favourite song. But sometimes, when you absolutely fall for a song, no matter what the feelings for the band/artist and their other work, the prospect of seeing it performed can do wild things.

So, song in question, Saturdays.

If you'd like a little more Cut Copy then keep your beady eye on the lovely blog Fun And Heartbreak as I may write a post with a Cut Copy track included. Aren't I kind?

Friday 18 January 2008


Last year in what seemed to be an eternally long, dark, depressing winter there was a great big gay, Swedish, electro beacon that carried me through.

The wonderous Lo-Fi-FNK.

And yesterday feeling at an utter loss (one that not even listening to Camera Oscura could be a cathartic release) I decided to flick through my MP3 player on my journey home from York to Teesside. Boylife not only managed to bring a smile to my face, a giggle to my demeanour but some much needed courage to spur me on.

Technology is working against me today, I'm afraid, but here's the video for Steppin' Out. Not prizes for guessing its meaning.

A rock..

And the inevitable hard place..

Respected for years. In fact, 'respect' isn't probably a good enough reflection. Full of adoration and admiration is probably closer. Giddy excitement for an ounce of praise. Humbled to be spoken to in such a way.

So how to take the shattering of plans and dreams by one person? Loaded with wholly scary, but accurate observations. Sticking by my ideas. What I want. Without a care for what institution it relfects badly on. But then, it really is more than just that.

What happens if life experience and a keen eye spots the crumbling of a dream long before the ego-centric youth? If you are too late you've ruined it all.

But what if all it takes is the sheer determination that you've never seen the likes of in anyone else? If you make it happen then surely you'll have so much more to be proud of.

Like you do now.

Fear and trembling.


Monday 14 January 2008

Black Kids

Tipped to be ones to watch for 2008. Black Kids. A little slap-dash indie band from America. I've had this song jangling about my MP3 player for a while. I like to do a specific little dance to this. Thats usually a sign of a good song. If it gets its own dance it must be something special.

Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Saturday 12 January 2008

Blog phenomenon 2007 and into 2008..

Completely new to me. Only really ever delved into after experiencing the big sites, which really don't need me mentioning them, they get enough traffic and hits as it is.

February saw the little launch and creeping in of Pop Cultureddd itself. Something that I have loved writing even when I've hit my lows.

But the only other thing I must mention is the support from people has been tremendous. Especially fellow bloggers of whom I've become very affectionate of. You are all well loved by me. Please peruse the Favourable Links section and show some love for these excellent writers.

And into 2008 a very exciting little project has come to flourish quite beautifully, known as, Fun And Heartbreak. Contributed to by myself along with a host of my very favourite bloggers.

I was fairly giddy when Colin asked me to write for it. But its kind of turned to nerves about the state of my own ability to write anything coherently, let alone well! So show it some love!

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year to the best that you can in a miserable January. Show the little blogs support. Big mainstream ones certainly don't need it. Us little noble amateurs do!

Thursday 10 January 2008

A few disappointments of 2007

Starting with the pinacle let down. Andrew Bird at London Scala June 7th. He didn't seem arsed. I couldn't see from any place in the venue. And I'd spent and travelled a long fucking way to stand at a gig receiving messages about how brilliant the Simian Mobile Disco gig was in my hometown. I'm still bitter.

NME. Continually degenerating.

The third of people who downloaded the Radiohead album In Rainbows who didn't pay anything for it.

Mercury Music Prize.

Jo Whiley seems to have become ever more self-important and, even worse, mainstream followers seem to reaffirm the belief that she is important.

Seeing one of the Klaxons in an Erol Alkan t-shirt. I've not worn mine since.

Falling in love with Death From Above 1979... just about 2 years too late.

The Aliens' live performance at York Fibbers. A drunken slur. But, bloody hell, they didn't half redeem themselves when I saw them at the Stockton Riverside festival. Brilliance!

Bloc Party.

Come on. You know you can probably extend this list ten-fold, as I could go on. Throw out some more... Come on...

Tuesday 8 January 2008

Tracks that I have announced as being the single most important track of the year

Yes, there are several. They are not, however, to be confused with the general Tracks of the Year type of thing. No, these tracks are ones that for whatever reason, upon hearing, I announced them to be the single most defining and important track of 2007.

“Track of the year.”
“This is the track of the year.”
“What about the others that you said were track of the year?”
“Errrr… shurrup!”
(general threat of violence)
“There have only been two others, so… this is like track of this third of the year.”
“Whatever Steph.”

First 3rd of the Year

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Always slightly in love with Cut Copy and so was very excited when this floated up into musical landscape. Upon hearing it for the first time I think I immediately messaged or called my boyfriend to probably tell him I’d just heard the track of the year. Not that he’d of taken me seriously.

It actually made me believe that there was hope for the-blight-of-the-really-good-debut-album syndrome. Shame I’m still waiting for the follow up to be leaked. Not long now.

My adoration for this song knows no limits. I even enjoy the sax solo, which is rare, as being a saxophonist myself the sound usually makes me cringe. Somehow it’s been utilised perfectly in this song.

Second 3rd of the Year

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

The “consensus choice” as Mr Morton once described to me. Indeed, he was spot on with that phrase. But absolutely everyone can see why.

That ear-tickling piano accompaniment that carries you through the sheer delights of this song never ceases to break me into shivers every time I hear it opening. Flickers and pops of static that echo through your mind leaving it hollow for the sole purpose of letting this sound, song, voice, lyrics and feeling reverberate the walls of your mind.

The gravity of this song is incredibly personal. A song that becomes entangled in hurt, trauma and heartbreak. The situation transcends the song and ultimately you berate it for ruining a perfect piece of music.

Third 3rd of the Year

Dan Deacon - Wham City [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Wham City is a track that is split into two parts. Each part as equally wonderful. It really all just depends what sort of mood you are in as to which you’ll prefer at any given time. But as a whole its brilliance.

The joy, magic and wild, confused story-telling that is captured in Wham City will send you to a frenzied child-like tantrum state. Flailing arms, shouted singing, quite possibly running in circles.

After posting this track on Pop Cultureddd a while back Wham City became one of those songs I listened to on repeat. I forced those I loved, and wanted to love this track, to listen to it. I sent it to friends and waited with bated breath that they’d feel the same passion for it that I did. And I must admit. Everyone loved it.

Sunday 6 January 2008

Mix of the Year 2007

Mixes? Plural? No. Why bother? I'm not saying I didn't experience others that I enjoyed, Crookers, Simian Mobile Disco, Broken Hooker DJ's, etc, etc, etc. But in reality it would just not really do justice to the one that stood out above the rest for me.

La Grève Générale - Cheese on Toast and Sambuca mixtape [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Exciting. Compelling. Diverse in the hippest way.

La Grève Générale's Cheese on Toast and Sambuca mixtape had me literally squealing with delight.

Hell hath no fury like Steph Mulrine scorned. Well this proves that eclecticism hath no freedom like La Grève Générale.

These boys should definitely be something to shout about for a long time to come. And somewhere up North should book them. Poverty restricts me geographically.

Add these guys on MySpace. Then bombard them with general exclamations of adoration. I do.

Friday 4 January 2008

Noises of 2007

Digitalism - Jupiter Moon at 2 minutes 52 seconds. Introducing the wailing that wasn’t really expected as part of the climax of this tense work up. That exact noise will make some vital organ explode in enjoyment. Digitalism on MySpace.

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered (Herve and Roisin in the sercret garden remix) at 2 minutes 31 seconds. My ears are tempted to believe this remix to be mediocre at best, that is up until this exact moment. That deep noise that kicks right to the core is no more the shining beacon of Herve's talents though it is in, what I think may be overlooked, this fantastic remix. I actually played this remix to death in 2007.

Joanna Newsom - Colleen at 1 minute 16 seconds. Like a pop of sheer delight. A chance to see this noise performed live should not be missed. It is absolutely one of the most exciting musical performances I can recall with ease of 2007. Recreating this noise yourself is funny and on a more serious note will make you appreciate the wonder of Joanna Newsom. Joanna Newsom fansite. (Anyone pedantic enough to point out this track is not from 2007 originally can bugger off, I love it and listened to it in 2007, and also, it was released on the Y’s Street Band EP in 2007, this comment is mainly aimed at a friend of mine.)

The Field - Everyday at 2 minutes and 41 seconds. Hairs on end. Swarmed by emotion. Moved to tears. There are bearly enough cliché phrases to actually resemble in any way what this does. Beyond all comprehensible ideals. Surpasses anything once deemed beautiful. Absolutely everyone should own the album From Here We Go To Sublime. The only album to unite a house in 2007. The Field on MySpace.

All tracks are via YouSendIt and will be available for 7 days.