Thursday 3 December 2009

Das Wanderlust Christmas Single!

It is December! I have genuinely been waiting for this month since approximately April. Over indulgence, time with loved ones, tacky tinsel and pretty lights, late night mad-dashed shopping, lots and lots of amazing food, giving gifts to those you love the most and possibly getting a nice little gift from Santa yourself too! It is far too easy to 'hate' Christmas. It is just bloody ridiculous. Put on a paper hat, keep your opinion to yourself, eat some pigs-in-blankets and get over yourself! Ahem. I do love Christmas. However there can be a darker side. It is during this season that there is the tendency to become quite narcissistic, ego-centric, self-centered. It can be fairly ugly.

That is why I implore you to think about the donkey's. That is right. Donkey's. Das Wanderlust have! At this special time of year my favourite power-pop band have gone and done a bloody Christmas charity single! It for The Brooke Donkey Hospital, which does fantastic work in some of the world's poorest communities to work with people to teach them how to care for and really look after their donkey's as best they can. It is a charity to which I have already given money in the past. But unfortunately I am poor until the end of the week. So I have barred myself from downloading the single -- which is free in the hope that your conscience will force you to donate to The Brooke -- until I get paid.

So here is the link:

Das Wanderlust - Someone To Pull Crackers With

And I do hope you enjoy it. I am very excited. But, alas, I shall abstain until Friday.