Tuesday 19 April 2011

OMG! Tom Vek really is back!

It is alright. Just calm down. Getting over excited is not going to do anyone any good. So sit back down. Take some deep breaths and when you are ready watch the brand new Tom Vek single, A Chore!

Lots of equally exciting things to follow, including the album which is released 6th June titled Leisure Seizure. And hopefully some lives dates. And merch.

No later than I go ahead and post this than I receive an email with the following:

Sunday 17 April 2011

Paul Chambers and 2manydjs

Not really being in the loop anymore with the ol' electro/dance/techno genres means I had not come across Paul Chambers until The Bearded Boy sent me a YouTube video of a 2manydjs at Coachella, which was mainly intended to demonstrate the crazy-awesome visuals that had been difficult to describe in conversation (see below). And other than reminding me that all work/reading/eating cake makes Stephanie a dull, wide-hipped girl highlighting the desperate need for some rollicking dancing to let off steam, the other thing I garnered from it was the amazing Paul Chambers track.

But how very lame! I can't embed the original. So you can have the link that will take you to the Paul Chambers SoundCloud page. And here is the Soulwax remix. Don't worry it hasn't got any of those 'Soulwax claps'. Phew!

Paul Chambers - Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Mix) by soulwax

Thursday 14 April 2011

The 2 Bears

Whilst I may be totally biased and my judgement clouded by my stalkerish tendencies for Joe Goddard, I have repeatedly been listening to the content of The 2 Bears page on SoundCloud.

These sounds excite me so much. So here are the two EP's so far released.

Is it a bit of a pathetic admission that the simplistic and declarative nature of Church makes me a little wobbly in the knee and tear duct areas?

The 2 Bears - Curious Nature E.P. by The 2 Bears

The 2 Bears - Follow The Bears E.P. by The 2 Bears

Sunday 10 April 2011

John LaMonica

I must say it is pretty much an impossible struggle not to fall in love with John LaMonica a little bit more every time I hear his voice. He could call me a self-indulgent, bitch-faced, loser yet if he was singing it I would still be dewy-eyed. And this very candid confession will possibly prompt a lightening reaction 'unfriend-ing' from Facebook. But as long as he doesn't stop making beautiful music, then, whilst not ideal, I think I can live with that.

This guy is lyrically prolific and aurally stunning.

Now I have the privilege of being able to share a promo of his debut album, Volunteers.

John LaMonica - Volunteers by Moodgadget

Thursday 7 April 2011

Retro full-scale melt-down

Remember all those blog posts in the final throws of my undergraduate degree where I'd castigate and denounce the theorists I was struggling to come to terms with?

Well this is similar. Except that I'm the twat that has gotten me into this situation by and large! Why am I blanking and unable to explain my own proposed research?! I should be shot! In the face. At least I'd have a viable excuse for being a useless, fumbling, tongue-tied non-sociologist loser.

I would like to crawl into a cave/hole/pit and be left with only this song for company and hibernate until all the stressful things just disappear.

Marriage by Gold Panda

Panda Bear

For those of you that are giddy about all things Animal Collective it means that almost by extension you will be delighted by the surfacing of the new Panda Bear album, Tomboy. It is apparently a prerequisite that seemingly you don't have much free will or choice over.

Prepared to get giddy.

Panda Bear - Tomboy by In House Press

Tuesday 5 April 2011

I am not ready to accept that it is over..

The last time I saw LCD Soundsystem cannot be the last time I would ever see LCD Soundsystem.

A proper farewell tour. Is it really too much to ask? Murphy has been threatening it for so long I didn't think it would be quite so abrupt. So it can't have happened. It is not over. The part-time hipster portion of my life is not ready for retirement.

The K├╝bler-Ross model of the stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I am in denial. And acceptance right now seems like something that will never ever occur.

This article nearly made me cry.

I know that when I watch the final gig I will definitely cry. I shall inform you if it helps me through any of the other stages of grief.

If somehow the Pitchfork version makes a reappearance onto the internet please someone let me know. And obviously I shall do the same.

Sunday 3 April 2011


The LED are providing some much needed bass and beats. And brilliantly executed.

Scottish homeland pride for these boys is overwhelming. I just need a plain loaf and Iron Bru. That would be all I would need to fuel me dancing to these tracks.

A Ricocheted Kitty is a powerhouse the likes not seen since approximately 2008.

The LED - A Ricocheted Kitty by TheLED

A remix of Telephone with an 8-bit breakdown? It is a must!

Lady Gaga - Telephone (LED Remix) by TheLED