Tuesday 27 February 2007

Sociological perspective on music..

It seems that having a perspective on the world that can be seen as something rather objectively can cause some amount of controversy to people. And those closest to me. Especially to those that are so deeply involved with a genre/scene/sound that they find it hard to take it being questioned.

Music is something that everyone has access to, can enjoy, create, play with, know about. But when you question the fundamentals of it or possibly say or imply something people tend to get very upset.

I seem to be losing friends.

But I've decided that I am going to attempt to carry out a small scale study to the best of my abilities to maybe uncover these ideas a little further.

I'm still heavily in deep thought about it, however, and I expect it to be a long and difficult process. One that I may not discuss until it is through.

So keep a close eye.

Thursday 22 February 2007

Van She Tech

So Big Stereo have posted a couple of things about these recently. And I guess if I had the time, I'd of looked from Van She's MySpace page and found Van She Tech myself. But I'm not that hip and cool. And I never seem to have the time to peruse anymore (serious amount of sociology work on).

But Van She Tech are quickly becoming incredibly impressive. Because we are at the point now where only a handful of persons are considered to remix well. And these 'guys' (it has been bashed out on Big Stereo and I think its been concluded thats what they are.. male) they are producing stuff of astounding quality. Their remixes are hard-hitting, incredibly confident sounding and will grab you by the throat.

So get yourself on our good friends Big Stereo blog and get the Sneak Soundsystem mix and have a look round the Van She Tech MySpace page.

Hopefully some DJ's will pick this up and they'll be making kids cry in clubs at the sheer joy of Van She Tech.

Prepare to be blown away!

(Back to finishing the Barber book review. Sigh.)

Edit: I almost forgot to add... I have gossip. But I can't share yet. Oooo! I was excited though..

Almost odd..

Its quite strange that, yes, I have had many a reason for actually starting this blog and the purpose of it is to hopefully convey something of a fusion of my love for both music and sociology, and all the rest of it. But what is strange and has only just occured to me, is that the perfect cross over will happen tomorrow.


But in a different way.

The building that my sociology department is based in has a cafe/bar. And much to my shock and suprise The Neon Plastix are playing. I bought a compilation CD a while back with them on and recently their double a-side single. They are definately worth a listen and a power stance to.

However, I do doubt that this crossing of paths would excite anyone other than me.

I might be going to see Patrick Wolf tomorrow anyway. So...

Wednesday 21 February 2007

Blogging, eh?

Well, this is a completely new phenomenon to me. Which is rather disconcerting when you think that I am being lectured by people twice my ages who are far more up to date on this sort of thing.

Well I suppose I should outline a few things about myself.

I'm Steph. I'm a student, a cynic, a cold-hearted beast, a pretensious, evil witch. Although apparently not everyone agrees with that the people who know me best see me more as a witty, passionate, strong soul.

My two big loves in this life are music and sociology.

And I guess that leads me to the reason of why I'm doing this at all. I suppose its because I enjoy blogs like Big Stereo, Headphone Sex, FluoKids, etc. And I thought it would be a good outlet and I hope I can possibly with my infused love for both music and sociology bring something a little different to the floor of blogging. Especially since I have incurring an awful lot of slander on my mainstream-slating thoughts. I seem to provoke people.