Wednesday 27 December 2017

Soulwax 6 Music Christmas Mix

Yes, we are very much post the event -- and I hope it was a good 'un, BTW -- but if you have any capacity left and a smidgen of Christmas cheer that doesn't quite want to budge yet, then check out this mix by Soulwax.

A roaring ride that will help keep the sharp teeth of reality from biting for just another 20 minutes.

Then I guess it is back to a partial return to the 'real world'.

What is this so-called real world I keep hearing so much about anyway?

Friday 3 November 2017

Leo Kalyan

Heavy-hearted, raw and beautiful nevertheless. Leo Kalyan lays it bare in aching vocals. The track Fucked Up on the Outside In EP showcases not only his ability to produce dark synth-pop, but also his heritage and cultural conflict.
"It's a song about falling short of people’s expectations. I grew up Muslim between London and Lahore, but now, as a gay person living the life of an artist in East London, I’m constantly aware of the toll being myself takes on me and my family and my relationships. Sometimes I feel fucked up for what I put them through. I imagine other people feel the same way sometimes too. The song is about confronting that, and releasing yourself from your baggage."
(The Fader, 2016)

With new material floating that I would recommend you explore, here is the aforementioned track and EP from 2016 to whet your appetite.

Monday 23 October 2017

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx

The timbre of the beautifully talented Gil Scott-Heron paired with the dark production of Jamie xx -- who, let's face it, I prefer when he is cracking on without The xx -- is stirring.

The thudding of this track and the low grind is bettered only by what Gil Scott-Heron is evoking lyrically.

Running is one of many greats from this magically partnership on We're New Here from 2011.

Note: This video has flashing elements. And I bloody love it. The perfect syncing with the music is excitingly satisfying.

Friday 6 October 2017


Revisiting the great debut LP from Slaves. In terms of fast-paced, catchy, trashy punk tunes these guys get to it.

Let's have the one everyone loves. Why not?

Monday 14 August 2017

Mr Oizo Chris Lake remix

Yes, yes, I know. I really should change the name of the blog to Mr Oizo et al.

But I don't wanna.

Great remix.

Sunday 30 July 2017

Charli XCX as feminist aspiration..?

She just went and broke my internet!

*Watches on repeat*

Charli XCX has directed a video for her tune Boys that not only flips the industry standard of women-as-eye-candy-music-video-fodder, is packed full of wonderfully talented men, but also beyond that celebrates and venerates the many body-types, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities, and varieties of masculinity.

The video has come under some criticism too for lingering on white men, for playing into the "fandom" culture and for including certain artists who have done or said questionable things in the past.

Overall, I think this is a nice counter to the norm. And a catchy pop song to boot!

Friday 28 July 2017

"And this is my chance.."

Turn me on to phantoms

I follow to the edge of the earth

And fall off

Everybody leaves

If they get the chance

And this is my chance

Sunday 2 July 2017

Drone mode activated..

And so whilst working, as I have probably stated multiple times and will do again unapologetically, I like to listen to instrumental music. Full working mode is going on and so I have little of interest to say that is not garbled mutterings of "data" or barking angrily at behaviour change theory.

This remix combines a lot of familiar loveliness and floated into my ears so ease the irritated outbursts this afternoon.

A great Nathan Fake classic remixed by the excellent James Holden.

Tuesday 27 June 2017


Years ago I was in one of those big HMV's you used to get. You remember the ones, in a city centre, they actually carried music as opposed to just DVDs. And music in various formats too! Anyway, I was browsing and a track came on. It was electronic, a bit techno, but with a real disco edge too.

No one else seemed impressed, but my legs carried me straight to the counter - probably doing a subtle dance too.

'Scuse me. Who is this that your playing?

Err, hang on.

*Looks for CD*

Lindstrøm. Or sommat.


*Mutters to self whilst walking away "Or sommat? What a doyle."*

Needless to say this sent me scurrying to indulge myself. To then realise that I have heard many of Lindstrøm's tracks as part of mixes or compilations and enjoyed, without making the connection. Scattered mind, innit?

Here are a couple of favourites.

Monday 19 June 2017

Inescapable tumult..

The relentless whirring of news can be overwhelming. Being able to switch it off if a relief usually. However the events of the past 4 weeks have been almost impossible to switch off even when the commentary has been silenced.

I keep coming back to music for solace. Just as I have done since I was a child.

The dark urban sounds of Burial's [post]dubstep are providing a cathartic assuaging of the most acute despair.

Friday 19 May 2017

Joe Goddard

The eternal swoon-master, Joe Goddard, has returned with a slice of fresh, warm electronic delight.

His new album, Electric Lines travels through a diversity of funky, soulful, scratchy, grimey, bass-driven noise. And it is good.

I tend to opt for the rollicking. Clichéd Mulrine.

But the affectionate sounds of Home are happily pacifying my being.

Tuesday 2 May 2017

From Here We Go Sublime

It is just over 10 years since The Field realised From Here We Go Sublime. And just over 10 years ago I wrote this about it:
The Field has somewhat fallen into my world from, I'm not really sure where.

And I am insanely grateful.

From Here We Go To Sublime is something I felt I almost stepped into. I felt I was wearing the sound and music as it filled my ears. It completely enveloped me from beginning to end.

I don't want to say too much on it.

Words may erode this piece of joy.
Only to add that I feel the same. I still listen to this album monthly, weekly, daily.

I want Everyday played at my funeral. Ta, future person who is organising it. Bigger thanks to Axel Willner. You'll never know...

Friday 24 March 2017


Freaky, and arguably now retro, vibes accompanying my commute the past week.

The delightfully lurid, sexual, and bizarre sounds of Beck's 1999 album Midnight Vultures is unadulterated joy. I find it almost impossible to listen to without breaking into smiles and song.

I remember my Dad loaning this album on CD from Bradford library and then getting it copied and burned at his work for me. I must have been about 15 years old.

It still sounds as crazy and boundary defying as it did then.

Let's have some Nicotine & Gravy!

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Gesaffelstein and strength..

After being told I was "a bit combative" and knowing that if the work had come from a male, middle-class or more senior colleague that would have never been said by this particular person, I needed something that felt combative.

As if by magic Viol by Gesaffelstein appeared.

So feel empowered! And work to defy expectation and limitations placed on you. I won't feel ashamed of writing with integrity and rigour. If you want apologetic, hesitant and unquestioning deference to authority then you are working with the wrong person.

There's some midweek motivation for yer!

Friday 24 February 2017

A decade of Pop Cultureddd


Pop Cultureddd is ten years old.

Just let that sink in.


It doesn't make any sense.

I think I will continue to occasionally and haphazardly say things and stuff for a wee bit longer.

Ta if you've eva read owt on 'ere.

I can see some reflective stuff coming up on PC like..

Thursday 16 February 2017

In Praise of.. Maxime Dangles (Pt 2)

I've returned to Maxime Dangles album Resilience LP.

For a fairly significant period of time this album dominated my life. I had a CD in the car, another CD in my stereo, it was on repeat on my MP3 player, it was on my phone on Spotify and I would listen at work through the web. Yea. Dominating.

It is happening again. And it makes me feel dark and warm at the same time.

That'll do for me, right now.

Monday 30 January 2017