Tuesday 24 February 2009


I'm still on it.

"Hi, excuse me, hello, sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to ask what CD the track that is playing now is from.."
"Oh yes. That'll be The Brits 2009 compilation."
"I don't mean to be rude, but its not. I'm not questioning you, but I'm just telling you, it isn't from that CD. This is why I was asking, as its not on any of your Now Playing displayed CD's."
"Are you sure?"
"Oh," frantic looking around, "Errm."
"Its just The Brits CD doesn't do remixes, and this is a remix of a track by M.I.A. called Paper Planes. I just wasn't sure what remix it was."
"Are you sure it isn't on The Brits CD?" Looks at the tracklisting.
"I'm certain."
"Oh," picking up a Motown compilation, "It might be one of the others."
"No, it isn't. Its definately not considered a Motown classic and is not from the latest Take That album... I know who it is by and what the track is --"
Interrupting, "So what was it you wanted to know then?"
"It is a remix and I just wanted to know who by and it isn't on any of the CD's that I can see."
"Oh, well, errm... I'm not sure what to suggest."
"Nevermind, it is okay, thanks for your help anyway, thanks, bye, thanks." Under breath, "I don't even care... Or have the will to live."

It was the DFA remix.

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DFA remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Monday 23 February 2009

The Voluntary Butler Scheme @ Inside Out, Darlington

This is more a call to Rob Jones than a review of the actual event itself.


Dear Mr Rob Jones,

I am a little-known blogger, occasionally, but mainly I am a music and gig addict (not to mention the band t-shirts, lets not go there, one draw no long suffices). I happened to blog about you a year or so ago. And upon seeing that you were billed as playing at Darlington nearly deafened nearby dogs when I yelped with delight.

I arrived not long after 11:30pm, not for the club night, but to see yourself. I was quite shocked. I mean, people are nice and all, but, well its people in Darlington wanting to get smashed to familiar tunes.

But I must say I am glad I waited it out and stayed for your performance. You guys were fantastic and I was incredibly won over with all aspects of your set. Despite the poor sound quality of the soundsystem in there I thought all your sounds translated beautifully live. Pre-recorded sequences, drums, trumpet and quite obviously, your gorgeous and ever-giggle-inducing lyrics.

I was a little worried that after that gig that the North East of England may not have the pleasure of your presence again for a while and wanted to intercept this early! Come back. Just maybe ask me about venues/club nights first.

Warmest regards,

Stephanie Mulrine

PS My boyfriend had to be comforted due to your not having any t-shirts with you. However, come pay day I will make him smile again!

An open letter/request/bordering on petition to The Voluntary Butler Scheme.

Here is the video for Multiplayer. Buy the single when it is released on the 2nd March! Imperative.

Friday 20 February 2009

The Cribs @ St. Georges Hall, Bradford

Disorder and chaos. I mean, it really has got to be expected. After all it is The Cribs.

It seems a while ago now but Sunday 8th February saw myself and my lovely boyfriend in Bradford. Snow falling, lapping the city center for a restaurant, and my boyfriend jumping in icy puddles. A few hours to kill before The Cribs and we were excited. The boyfriend is a big fan and takes to putting on his Cribsmas DVD whenever I'm not in the room and then convinces me to leave it on with promises of glimpses of beards or Nick Hodgson. I am not as dedicated a fan as he, but have seen them more than he has, I just love gigs.

Plus, seeing The Cribs live is not something I'd ever turn down. Because, although I may lack the sheer enthusiasm my boyfriend has in abundance for the Jarman's, seeing them play live is an absolute treat. Indulgently, I like to observe the entire spectacle. Not just their performance which is always laced with haphazard, yet charming, inconsistencies. Sibling similarities but stark differences and approaches. Personally, my crush tends to lean quite unshakably towards Ryan and the boyfriend's, well, he is a Gary-lover. But the thing that I enjoy most of all is to watch the massive out-pouring of dedication and adulation from the audience and Cribs-worshippers. I genuinely love just looking and taking in the adoration that swarms of independent beings collectively muster for this band.

I mean it, if you get the chance buggering go! Ignore The Cribs for a moment or two (especially Johnny Marr), detach yourself from the ongoings and experience what it is that The Cribs still manage to foster in people.

The St. Georges Hall in Bradford is a great venue. And getting to go there again was such a treat for me. The city of Bradford helped shape me and going there made my heart ache, in a good way.

For him:

The Cribs - What About Me [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

For my leary crowd loving:

The Cribs - Another Number [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Thursday 19 February 2009

Dan Black

I am constantly singing and dancing to this.

In the depths of quiet I will burst into song!

Dan Black Alone from chic & artistic on Vimeo.

Saturday 7 February 2009

Friendly Fires

What deserved rise to fame these boys are eventually finding. Its nice.

Friendly Fires 'Skeleton Boy' by Clemens Habicht from Nexus Productions on Vimeo.

P.S. Vimeo is where it's at! Fuck YouTube.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

Junior Boys are back!

It certainly seems to have been a hellishly long wait. And with that wait has been all sorts of nagging doubts about what their return would bring. I felt like a nervous teenage girl readying herself for her first house party.

What if I don't like it? What if it is different from what I expect? What if it is just a bit rubbish and I sit in the corner looking out at the definition of disappointment? Will it mean that there is something wrong with me if I'm not enjoying it? What if everyone judges me for not liking it? What shall I wear? What will my Mum say?

These are the obvious questions. Obviously. Especially the last two. What is appropriate attire for first hearing the new album? After waiting all this time it certainly feels like a special occasion one must dress accordingly for. I do also wonder what my Mum will make of the Junior Boys new material, but from the two tracks I've heard the only way she could not like it was if her new medication was having an even more adverse affect on her than first thought! No, she will enjoy!

Junior Boys - Parallel Lines [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Junior Boys - Hazel [via YouSendIt for 7 days]