Saturday 25 June 2011


If you enjoyed the most recent suggestion from Pop Cultureddd but thought it was just lacking, oh, I don't know, a late 70's disco vibe? Then worry not! Starlesoufs have breezed into our lives with some tracks that will make you dance regardless of heat and humidity. You'd fall into a dehydrated heap happily if you were having a boogie to this.

Just remember to stay properly hydrated, people!

Thank you Starlesoufs! Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Here is a sample of their finery.

Love Cloud by Starlesoufs

Monday 20 June 2011


A Monday you'd just rather had bothered coming round. The more in unfolds the less you like it. That is until you get home and release it all in the discovery of wonderful tracks like these.

Laid back French stylings of Cherokee just ease it all away. Okay, so the influence might be pretty obvious, but that does not at all detract from the calibre and quality of these tracks.

Mambo Jet by Cherokee (Official)

Sable Doux by Cherokee (Official)

Sunday 12 June 2011


I suppose you can only really hide for so long. And in a bid to try and lie to myself that everything is perfectly normal I guess I should blog.

So in follow up to the previous long ago post here is the Tom Vek album, Leisure Seizure. As far as I'm aware it got leaked, but you can legitimately purchase it now, so you should probably do that.

Tom Vek - Leisure Seizure (2011) by modularpeople