Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wiley -- again!

A video for the new song Take That. Which I would suggest features some rather schizophrenic looking girls.
"Conceptions of schizophrenia as the loss of more real, authentic, versions of the self are typically combined with the disease models, again displaying the social nature of medicalized constructs inidivduals use to explain their lives."

"Having one character that says one thing and another character that says another ... having two different, especially when I talk to myself, that's sort of my schizophrenia ... I imagine people talking to me, I just imagine I don't hear voices ... sometimes I hear society talking to me, yea, which is not normal [laughs]"

I'm reading about schizophrenia and attempting to deduce what, if anything, this can allude with regards to the creation of self and identity.

I may empathise too much with the schizo's.

Plus, the girls in this video are quite sexy.

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