Monday, 2 November 2009

Laura White

Now, obviously everyone watches X Factor. Even Bauman and Björk watch X Factor. I know for a fact The Boy Least Likely To are fans of the national hub of identity that is this Saturday and Sunday evening social phenomenon.

Anyway, so last year, I was devastated. My world was utterly rocked, and not in the good way, by the ongoings of X Factor. I vowed to hate it forever, but carry on watching, if only from a curious sociologists point of view (ha). When Laura White was voted out of last year's competition it left a bitter taste in my mouth and some grandiose metaphysical questions about the worth of television, the general public and a certain Louis Walsh.

But now, after 'a break' -- by which, I mean, not a break, an agreed amount of time that artists that have participated in the X Factor are banned from releasing any material as such as they become famous to the great annoyance of ITV and Simon Cowell whom have not been able to gain any monetary profit from -- LAURA WHITE IS BACK!!

I'm not sure I wholly love the single on initially hearing it. But I still back her most deserved rise to success after the disaster that was 2008!

Her sound is only two-clicks away from Alexandra Burke's and Cheryl Cole's. So if Laura White doesn't do well then we can view this as being down to the power of money, promotion and the big labels. Not a lack of talent! She's gorgeous!

Buy her single here! Go Laura!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are promoting the single!

You can Download Laura White's new song here 'You should have known' here

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... yes... indeed... nice girl. Still Don't seem to be able to find ANY information on the Elusive independent record company that signed her.... anyone?

Marian said...

why are you staying anonymous tho?

Marian said...

IndustryMusic Yes OK :)