Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A message from Elbow..

"dear chaps
in the last two years:

2500 hours spent writing and recording.
2500 sandwiches eaten
500 bottles of milk
8000 brews
20,000 cigarettes smoked
2.3 metres of fingernails grown
21 feet of hair
21000 miles commuted 3000 of them on foot
90000 stairs climbed
to make 55 minutes of music.
as of 22:17 tonight 24th sept 07
album 4 is complete but untitled

release date 2008
thank you for your patience and see you very soon.

love elbow x"

I wonder what type of sandwiches?

Anyway. Exciting news.

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Anonymous said...

in the past two years: two meetings with steph and paul. x