Thursday, 13 September 2007

LCD Soundsystem a gulity pleasure?!

Who'd have thought it, eh? Obviously one of the strongest albums to be released this year. Highly anticipated live shows. And that hair.

I don't mean guilty pleasure in the way that phrase is over-used at the moment. But after the devastating news my life recently received I was more than a little guilt-ridden and hysterical at the recent LCD Soundsystem gig in Newcastle at Digital. Wildly jeering threats of violence (more than usual that is), 'celebrity' spotting Paul Smith again, necking vodka and being hugely over-excited by James Murphy. I was a little bit, well, I'm not sure, just a bit of a mess. I did actually cry to Someone Great, but I think that is fairly understandable.

But I had to post about it. Yes, it was a while ago. But, hey, who cares? I'm not going to blog from the actual gig! Although I reckon some over-zealous, geeky, lack-lustre blogger would. I was drinking. The reason I had to post? Because it was a bloody amazing gig. And I ended up having an over-whelming feeling of incredible luck. It was humbling. How can a gig do that?!

And I witnessed the hottest thing I have ever seen on-stage.

James Murphy hitting that cowbell.

If you get the opportunity go and see LCD Soundsystem. In a small venue if you can. I enjoyed them a million times more for it. Although James Murphy had problems with the volume and had his fingers in his ears a lot. Cute as.

17 Sep 2007 Red Rocks Morrison, Colorado
20 Sep 2007 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles, California
30 Sep 2007 Roy Wilkins Auditorium St. Paul, Minnesota
3 Oct 2007 Waterfront Park Louisville, Kentucky
5 Oct 2007 LC Pavilion Columbus, Ohio

20 Oct 2007 Tripod Dublin
21 Oct 2007 Apollo Manchester
22 Oct 2007 Barrowlands Glasgow
23 Oct 2007 Brixton Academy London

Lovely jubbly.

P.S. Oh and I see that there are various remixes floating around the internet ether. Find them.

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