Monday, 11 June 2007

Other blog's n'tha..

I'm not too sure how most people go about reading blogs. And I'm pretty certain I'm writing even this to a fraction of persons. But hey-ho.

Firstly, my good(-looking) friends over at Disco Nap have popped up the Roisin Murphy video. A brilliant song. I'm very excited about pop music right now, seems to be making up for my lack of faith in other genre's at the moment.

And they also are partial to iLiKETRAiNS of whom I'd forgotten I really quite like myself. Made me dig out the CD out of my 'black box'.

Wonderous people that they are! I wish I was over the pond to go for a disco dance with them.

Occam's Razor is another great blog, if somewhat neglected at the moment, which actually makes me laugh out loud in shock, awe and admiration of the wonderfully blatant thoughts expressed. I love it.

Yet, the whole reason for this post is to air my dismay. A very popular blog, which you may very likely know if you are up on your blog scene, Missing Toof, and I habitually check several times a day, has admitted a liking for Simian. Why? Why? Why? They were a horrible band. Their sound was too nasty to be pop, too yukky to be indie, too awful to be cool. I just could not reconcile a liking for them at all. And even the Justice VS. Simian m'lark didn't do it for me.

But everything that Simian Mobile Disco have done I have adored with an unfathomable aching in my chest. I love it all. The album, the remixes, the production. If those wonderful boys, James Ford and James Shaw, have gotten near it or tampered with it then the likeliness is I will be a fan.

They encapculate everything good about this scene that I've kind of plunged into.

To think I used to be an twee-indie girl that wore floral patterns.. Oh.. Wait.. I still do.

Fuck! Even the Simian Mobile Disco mix of Simian - Never Be Alone is better than the Justice version. A controversial thing to say as that was probably what was regarded as the Remix of the Year 2006. But fuck it! I don't care.

I'm nervous about imminently having to go a meeting where I'll have to walk into a room full of strangers.


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disaster said...

i too have to go to a meeting (today!) where i have to talk to a room full of strangers. yay! but i'm bringing handouts. handouts help. i wish i had candy to give out also. :/