Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Chapman Family

So Sunday at Middlesbrough Music Live didn't really go as planned and, to cut a long story short, there was a massive degeneration of rational, logical thought and my day was shortened and certain bands missed.

In saying that, for what I was there for I enjoyed.

But then again, I actually only saw two full sets. An improvement on last year though!

The Chapman Family. I had listened quite a fair bit to their songs on their MySpace. Conversed on a few friendly messages with Kingsley. Had dressed my boyfriend in my very own "The Chapman Family is not a cult" t-shirt and was very much looking forward to their set. But, fuck! They were superb. Really fucking excellent.

First act of the day, still managed to draw an impressive sized crowd that were jiggling around. Started well enough and I was enjoying it as was everyone else. But then they just seemed to 'find their groove', so to say, not in a 70's funk type way. But all of a sudden sheer brilliance just leapt forward. Spotless, flawless engery and charisma fell from the stage.

A fantastic set that definately got better from a good starting point already. I've not been that impressed by local 'talent' in a long while.

Oh, and it was the bassist Lucy's last gig. So from Pop Cultureddd a fond hello and a sulky good-bye.

I kind of wish I was better with my bass. I'm only really good at posing.

I am super-mega-uber gutted that I missed Shy Child and Dirty Weekend. But I'm glad I didn't get anymore sunburnt than I did.

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