Friday, 4 March 2011


A brief moment of calm. Eye of the storm. I am all too aware. So I won't be winding down fully. It will all kick in again in a few days.

But just for now I'm going to use Yelle and her awesome new track as a bit of a soundtrack to me dancing around and not feeling (too) guilty about it.

And once I have played hard, I'll be back to working infinitely harder.

Fucking awesome track. You can download it for free too! Woo!

Safari Disco Club by YELLE


-ryan said...

good taste. I like your blog. in the blogroll instantly.

-ryan said...

I like your blog. nice taste. blogrolled

Mulrine said...

Ta very much, Ryan!

I had a little browse of your blog and I must say it is delightful! 'Rolled!

Mulrine said...

Oh, but I meant to add, you spelt Pop Cultureddd with only one 'D'. It famously has three very mysterous 'D's'.