Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I have never (that I can think of in this very moment) actively asked any of you to support a cause. But now I am. Please sign this petition to stop a young woman being separated from her family, having her bright prospects extinguished and help show your agreement that sending a fellow human being to a country where she will legitimately fear for her life is simply wrong.

An electro pop 80's icon has shown his support. So follow suit!

Name: Gary Numan on Mar 16, 2011
Comments: Does the press know about this? a fan sent it to me and i'm shocked, I will pass this on good luck x


Anonymous said...

These appeals are very admirable but why does it always have to be Britain. Is Congo not a former French colony ? I would of thought that this would be her first place to seek sanctuary or are there other reasons (financial) ?

Mulrine said...

I nearly didn't publish this comment. In fact, I may yet delete it.

"Why does it always have to be Britain?" I don't what that comment means. If it is alluding to what I think it might be then I will be deleting. The reason being, it makes me uncomfortable.

Jeanine has lived in the UK since she was 13. I do not know intimately the reasons she ended up in the UK. But she has been accepted, educated and began establishing herself as an altruistic young woman here. I would prefer not to see her sent back to a country where her safety and well being is far from certain.

I shared this based on human empathy. Not on Daily Mail scepticism, scrutiny and cynicism.