Friday, 17 December 2010

You know the 'Best of the previous 12 months' thing makes me bork...

I don't get the constant need to review and mark the passage of time specifically in December by being nostalgic for the music of the past 365 days and gazing optimistically into the future with predictions of more music to come in the next 365 days that might just make everything alright.

But if you are going to press me on it then I might do my usual cop-out, I'm not doing a list or a chart rundown of singles, videos or anything like that. It is more likely to be experiences or general moments that resonated with me.

So just give me a moment, okay Blogsphere?!

Here is something old and not from this year to fuck you off.

This is simply due to an old post of mine that I read, from when I used to write well, and while the track and this video (without the amazing Mark Heap) still reflects the inside of my head, I am better off and happier in one particular way.

a whole lot of balls from Rui Madeira on Vimeo.

Thank you.

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