Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ghost Eyes

When we went to see Gold Panda at The Cut in Newcastle two weeks ago I was pretty taken aback by the whole evening.

The venue was odd to start with. Odd in an intriguing and kind of good way. It is supposed to look like a dilapidated warehouse/falling apart apartment block. Which whilst it had its charms, like the strip lights in the ceiling and interspersed between half formed stairs coming through the ceiling, which looked great when dim and acts were playing. I didn't understand the tables submerged into the floor. But a very cool little place. If it got more gigs like this I would be definitely going back. There is nothing worse when you really look forward to a gig only for the venue to be rubbish and spoil it.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to share the first support act. I'd suspected that there was two support acts, only to be told I was wrong by one of the people involved with the night, got there and there was two support acts. The Boys both sighed and agreed that they were fools and that I am always right. It is quite often the case this happens. And bloody hell, I wish I'd have been more prepared. I had a drink in hand and parka in a ball by my feet. Ghost Eyes seemed to rather coyly introduce themselves, no particular expectations, then proceeded to explode the club! And I mean explode. Various different looks were exchanged, but I failed to see anyone looking at their gig buddies with anything less than a particularly impressed face. The sound quality when they nearly killed us with bass was fantastic. Executed with perfection. It would have been an favourable way to have slipped into the afterlife/black hole for eternity.

For a band that only have only 11 followers on SoundCloud they really are very convincing and fully-fledged. I can only see them improving. But it was their live performance that was so amazing I just had to talk them up! There recorded stuff is good, but if you get the chance to see them live, I seriously recommend it! They have an upcoming gig in London that sees them on the same line-up as the almighty Matthew Dear.

Here is a track of theirs:

Kill Friends by Ghost-Eyes

Oh, and yes, obviously Gold Panda was amazing. I saw him kicking around for ages before he went on and wanted to say something. But I literally had nothing to say that wouldn't have embarrassed me or him. At least one of us would have blushed.

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