Tuesday, 22 September 2009

White Williams

This is is wonderful.

Although it made near suicidal with frustration for quite a long time. Whilst working at the retail chain CD's would be sent to pop in our CD player and play. Designed to be cool whilst subliminally encouraging shoppers to be happy, enjoy their shopping experience and buy many items from the shop. I had a pretty macbre fascination with those compilations. I think part of me wanted it to be my job to compile them and send them out. I think I'd have been very good at it. I used to get excited when we got a new CD and would spend quite a while pouring over the track-listing. Well, we'd had this CD for a while and I always found myself doing a little boogie and a bit of sing, much to the amusement to customers, idiots, to this song. So I worked out the other songs on the CD before and after and went to look for the tracklisting. And, I swear to you, swear, I think every tracklisting since the shop had opened was there except that one! I went near mad. Everyone knew about it, managers, the Saturday kids, customers. In the end I stole the CD one night to take home and have The Other Half listen to, "Oh yea. I know this." "Right. So what is it? Who is it?" "I can't remember. But it isn't Hot Chip" Thanks for telling me something I already know. This went on for sometime. I was delirious. I put lyrics in Google, to no avail. I nearly sent it to friends of mine in the blogosphere, but couldn't let them in on my sheer mental degeneration. Eventually I decided to get on with my life. Or what I had left of it having excluded anything other than this track.

And do you know what? As dishevelled as my mind is, I can't remember how it became know to me that it was by White Williams. I think my BestFriendHouseMate might have somehow had something to do with it. I'm not sure any longer. But I now have it on 7" vinyl which I purchased in Camden recently. And somehow that makes it all okay.

So here is the track that I had wanted to share with you all for so, so long.

White Williams - Violator [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

There are new things to have mini-breakdowns about, so please, no comments on how easily I could have resolved this situation.


Jorrgen said...

i totally understand....finding songs you like suck...especially when the song you hear is an instrumental...or you can't remember the lyrics :)

Anonymous said...

hey any chance you can email the song to me? link has expired. sam_cole@live.com thanks