Sunday, 20 September 2009


A distinct, some would even say seismic, shift is taking place. Here at the home of Pop Cultureddd there is much change occuring. Which will hopefully lead to a reinvigorated, rejuvinated and intellectually stimulated author*. At the same time this new era occurs the demise of Jo Whiley has finally happened. The joy imparted is tantamount to all my Birthday's and Christmas's coming at once. I am a very happy lady. Now I could carry on wallowing in somebody else's misfortune (my Mummy would be very proud, she artfully finds hilarity in other people's pain, not in a horrible way, but, you know), but this is probably not very becoming.

So check this out. I love it. Ignore the Whiley before and after.


* - I'll still be fucking poor though, probably more so infact.

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