Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Young Knives

Pleasantly bowled over. I'd not seen The Young Knives for a long while. Possibly three years. I'm not sure. But I've forgotten how much I enjoy them. Witty, roaring, slick and yelping. I have not been to a gig in a long time that made me grin with surprise and delight.

On the rounds of promoting their third album The Young Knives seemed fairly confused to have ended up in Darlington. And as the third band I have seen in this venue this year, they were not alone in this reaction. But Darlington should be really proud to boast this venue. Inside Out is wicked and the organisers of this night Amplified! are making great impressions. Hopefully The Young Knives benefited from the experience.

The geek chic rockers seemed to revel in the opportunity to showcase their new material which appeared to widely, warmly received. It is always a little bit nervey, enough to induce a jippy tummy. But The Young Knives lived up to the challenge and used the opportunity to indulge the audience further in their new abundant pride. If you get chance, go support your Young Knives, reclaim that great feeling that they automatically induce.

There is something wonderful about that happy sense of excitable familiarity.

A retro little piece of personal joy.

The Young Knives - The Decision [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

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