Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Chapman Family

The Chapman Family. Astoundingly intelligent, judging, you-appear-to-have-no-knowledge-of-this-issue-so-please-kindly-fuck-off, cynical, forboding, yet really fucking enjoyable and endorphine producing rock. If you haven't had your latest news update then don't bother. Get these songs in your ears. Pretend that the knock at your front door isn't the apocalypse coming to take you. It probably is. Hide.

Kids is seriously going to make you assume that either you or society have failed. In actuality, it is both. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But somehow out of this massive let-down a band can create such a song as to create a nervous feeling as to make you await Jon Snow at 7pm just to affirm it all. But like Jon, The Chapman Family are telling you like it is in a way that indicates that a snazzy tie and socks combo and grilling a politician, or in the case of The Chapman Family an unsettlingly accurate account of the state of things packaged as a hook-line-and-sinker of a rollicking great song, might, might, MIGHT somehow change it all.

As a band that have come from my hometown, I am not so much biased, as we have produced a fair few indie bands over the years, but completely reassured and inspired.

So seeing The Chapman Family at Empire in Middlesbrough, the venue I see as my second living room -- it really is that familiar -- was a joy. A scary amount of feedback and the general problem with that venue of late, of the destruction of everyone's ability to enjoy a future free of tinnitus, hampered what would have been a truly proud moment for everyone from Teesside. Yet it did not deter the audience or the band from really enjoying a another, obviously frantic performance that The Chapman Family have become reliable for.

A old little taster..

The Chapman Family - You Think Your Funny [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Go to their MySpace page to hear an interview with the ever engaging Kingsley. Honestly, get into a conversation with this man, it is enriching as well as entertaining.

Then feeling his plight go buy the single!

If The Chapman Family are not a cult then they fucking should be!

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