Tuesday, 23 September 2008

James Yuill

I've seen James Yuill be described as 'folktronica', which while I can appreciate may give some sort of relevant likening to his music, I just don't think is suitable. Especially for his current single No Pins Allowed. This track has much more of a hard edge than 'folktronica' would have you believe. And the 'folk' part I can accept. I really can. That term and I get along. I believe its accurate to show what the lovely Mr Yuill is doing. But alluding to 'electronica'. I don't agree with. I'd probably push so far to say that 'electro' would be more appropriate.

With influences that are nearly as diverse as this humble blog, expect magical musical musings from this young man. And check out his MySpace top friends! Its like every electro t-shirt I've been unable get my hands on.

So may I introduce to you the folktro single by James Yuill.

James Yuill - No Pins Allowed

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