Friday, 27 June 2008


University has been a testing time for myself. Something I would not like to repeat in a hurry. That is not to say I am not totally in love with studying and the social sciences. But I think I can safely declare I always hated being a student.

I've experienced some of the darkest times of my life so far whilst doing this course and to make it to the end is something I am finding very hard to reconcile. So lets have a song that stood out.


Radiohead - Idioteque [via YouSendIt for 7 days]


a very public sociologist said...

Congrats for getting through it all. I take it further study isn't among your plans!

Mulrine said...

Not yet.

I can't imagine not going back to it all. But I need to ground myself in reality for a year or two (or maybe even three). Unfortunately the prospect of the world of work is not my idea of a break. Eep!

But - can you keep a secret? - it might just all come together if we all cross our fingers hard enough.

jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

everyone always makes out like university is this amazingly wonderful experience 24/7 but i've found it to be great about a third of the time. it's a shame things rarely live upto expectation.