Wednesday, 7 May 2008

SebastiAn (ruined by Marx) and Destroy Disco..

Living in a temporary bubble of Marx's philosophical thought has played havoc with my mind and my musical life. Not to mention I shouted lots at his 1844 Manuscripts, like actually at the page, and then at certain lovely new man in my life. If you are trying to seduce someone may I suggest not showing the pages of work you read and wrote 'FUCK OFF!' down the side of as an attempt at notes.

So, whatever, I've totally missed all the recent bandwagon's. This is coming to you late and carefully considered...

SebastiAn, I always thought, would have to try pretty hard to fall out of my good books. The sun is shining, which is great for most, but I'm far from fucking impressed. I have a cold cup of coffee. I need to produce nearly 3,000 words before lunchtime. Give the new SebastiAn track a whirl I thought, it'll make everything seem a whole lot nicer.

Noise. And I like it noisy. But I'm sat not feeling it. Legs tingle. It is probably not fair to judge with my rubbishy computer speaker, so out come the beautiful headphones. Toes start to curl. I'm still sitting on the fence. Hands are so tight my nails are in the palms of my hand. Owww! Then I realise. Fuck! It is actually great. My body is nearly tensing every muscle just to make the point to my brain.

And we can blame Marx for the not having realised sooner.

Stolen from another blog..

SebastiAn - Motor [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

"..If you wish to exercise an influence on other men, you must be a man who has a really stimulating and encouraging effect on other men.."

And for good measure. Lets get a fucking excellent retro remix of my very gorgeous dream woman..

Kylie - 2 Hearts (Destroy Disco remix) [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Easily my favourite remix of that song. Apparently you can hear me coming when I have my headphones on with that playing. Bleeps translate well, I reckon. I must say I'm fairly partial to the work of Destroy Disco. Go have a listen and shake some body parts.


Too Many Sebastians said...

SebastiAn is the best. Thanks for adding me to blogroll. Much blog love!

(you may like this)

Too Many Sebastians said...

Oh and on repeated reading (set to 'reading mode' instead of 'find mp3 link' mode) this by far one of most nicely written blogs on the internet.

Mulrine said...
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Mulrine said...

You (and that track) have just made my day..

And believe me, after the day its been that is a fine bloody achievement, Mr/Mrs Too Many Sebastians.

Too Many Sebastians said...

SebastiAn makes everything better. This is Mr. She is Ms. (GIRL POWER!!)

Anonymous said...

could u reupload the Kylie minogue - 2 hearts remix??
would be great!

Mulrine said...

There you go.

Anyone ever wants any others let me know. Hopefully I won't have lost them. Eep.