Thursday, 29 November 2007


At some point you just have to accept that all you can do is your best to resist, rebel and royally fuck-up every social convention you can.

Just because everyone does something one way does not, by any stretch of the imagination, mean that you should too.

Some people seem acutely aware of this. These norms become so routinized, so integral, so fundamental to our sense of 'being' that they become meaningless. The utter irrational nature of lots of aspects leads to the never-ceasing questioning of it.

Maybe that is how I got into sociology in such a big way. Or why I can't help but listen to multiplicity of music genres. Or why I don't get on with groups on people, where the need to conform is ever more pressing. Or why I love my mental, swearing, manically happy, innuendo driven mother past the natural maternal bond. Or why I will only ever wear odd earrings.

It could go some way to explaining these things. But what is still left is the question of why others so willfully make their lives as awkward as possible to simply adhere, stay in line, never be more than all of the values and norms that have overhung them from before they existed and will go on to do so after their death.

Some form of behaviourial anarchism, and the like, isn't just protesting, forming social movements that ultimately still conform to social rules, demanding miniuti changes within the same framework, complaining about neo-capitalist rule (yet, God knows, I do), this just isn't enough, or even where to begin. Be honest and shock someone with a heart-on-the-sleeve tale of a past life event, don't feel obliged to buy a house because your parents did, be nocturnal, snub over-done and boring cultural forms, extend your knowledge and be creative. Be difficult, contensious, brutally honest, absolutely perfectly polite, live as a contradiction, be multi-faceted.

And do it all to a song, album or soundtrack to a new lifestyle.

But please, tell me what it is that you are listening to, yea?


Colin said...

Currently listening to the Pony Club album 'Home Truths'. It's not 'new' or 'current' but is utterly delightful and certainly a soundtrack for someone's life, just not mine (and this goes on whilst Jools interviews The Who, in the background, silently). And, wonderful words from you - the voice of sociology clearly shines through in what you write. I did like the point about earrings, especially. It just tickled me somehow.

Mulrine said...

I'll have to have a look for the Pony Club album.

Thank you for your kind words.

The earring thing seems to be something most people ask me about. "Why do you always wear odd earrings?"

"Why do you wear a pair?"