Friday, 31 August 2007

Midnight Juggernauts

So, today my iTunes is being gay. Windows Media Player won't burn anything. My shoulder hurts. I have to pack for 'The Move'. I've still not given my Mummy her birthday present because she is bloody elusive. It's my very own Birthday on Sunday. Bleurgh.

However, in a bid to procure randomness I popped Midnight Juggernauts on. And lo-n-behold, yipee, woo, and other such excitable noises, I am grooving my aches and pains away.

I'd seen their name around on various blogs but I'd either forgotten or just not had chance to peruse any further.

But all I can say is take a good 15 minutes of your life. Tell everyone to either listen or fuck right off. Turn up the volume on your audio playing machinery. And get this into your ears.

Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows [streaming via MySpace, along with some of their other uber-cool tracks]

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