Wednesday, 25 November 2015

In Praise of.. Maxime Dangles (Pt 1)

If I was asked what I currently could not live without, I would have to say:
  1. Camomile tea
  2. Columbo
  3. Maxime Dangles
And as Pop Cultureddd has never been a 'lifestyle' blog I will not bother with extolling the tea, and it is also probably not the appropriate time nor place to evangelise about a 1970's TV detective with whom I am deeply fixated.

So I will stick to Maxime Dangles. I first heard this French producer a few months back on 6 Music whilst pottering around my house. Hearing this stopped me in my tracks. I very quickly sought out more information, more music and was spending my pennies to bring the Résilience LP into my world as soon as possible.

You've not heard the last of this blogs love-in with this artist.


drew said...

Can't stop playing this. Bit expensive to buy as the only copies seem to be in Germany!

Steph Mulrine said...

I am glad you like!

The entire album is phenomenal. I have two further tracks that I will be definitely be sharing.