Monday, 19 October 2009


We'll start with the obvious and less than positive remarks.

a) This appears to be Wiley's response to Dizzee's crazy-mad hit Bonkers. Agree?

b) Who is doubting Wiley all the time? As The Other Half pointed out, he often seems to take, what not many people even notice is, a break and then triumphantly returns with a song lambasting anyone who had been dissing him. So, lets just stop all that silly nonsense. Otherwise you'll have to answer to this EskiGirl. And Wiley, just calm yourself.

So, I must admit I'm liking this embrace by grime of bass and big beats. Wiley really seems to have taken on a sound that for a lot of other grime artists wouldn't be able to stand up against. It is fucking full on. We've gone beyond provocative and entered reactionary. But it really isn't going to come close to toppling or troubling Wiley. I'd like to see more of this. Any recommendations, do share.

Here is the track. Just a still-picture video, I'm afraid.

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