Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lily Allen

I am a fan. I've always liked Lily. I was lucky enough to see her at V Festival on the cusp of her rapid rise to riotous fame. I love her feisty, unassailable, need to comment on it all. Good, bad, ugly. Usually the bad and the ugly. She inspires me to stay the same. Not feel the need to back down. Because a girl who'll say it all to the world can take the world by storm.

So, I need to air it. I do not like Lily's new single. I am fairly distressed to say, I can't stand it. I don't get it. The concept. It all sits awkwardly. No one should have had a hand in ruining this. I want Lily in one of two ways; ferociously spouting her opinions, or looking ferociously at me as in that picture above.

Country? Why? It reminds me of the two minute interviews done for chart shows aimed at teenagers with limited attention spans done with the latest blonde air-headed female solo artist.

"Well, I love all types of music, you know? I love it all. And so my new album has a bit of everything. Its got a bit of all genres. So there is a poppy song, a dancey song -- I think my fans will love that -- a rocky song, a couple of down-tempo love songs -- that are really close to my heart, one if about my Mom -- and a country song."

I don't get it. Is there still a need for this in pop music today? I don't have anything against a lot of chart pop music. I pretty much admit to having a very strong liking for it. But should there really be room for this now? I assumed we were beyond that. And after her fantastic last single The Fear, it hardly feels like we are building on it.

It upsets me.

Do you like the picture, by the way?


Keith Allen said...

I do. I like her sweet moves too.


Mulrine said...

Inappropriate name, if anything.

She does have some lovely attributes.


Anonymous said...

G.Q. magazine. This took a lot of people by surprise.

Mulrine said...
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Mulrine said...


Why would anything about it surprise people? Because they are inherently stupid?

The Boyfriend sent me this and I thought I'd share..

I'd like to be sandwiched between those two ladies on that sofa. Feel the personality!