Monday, 23 February 2009

The Voluntary Butler Scheme @ Inside Out, Darlington

This is more a call to Rob Jones than a review of the actual event itself.


Dear Mr Rob Jones,

I am a little-known blogger, occasionally, but mainly I am a music and gig addict (not to mention the band t-shirts, lets not go there, one draw no long suffices). I happened to blog about you a year or so ago. And upon seeing that you were billed as playing at Darlington nearly deafened nearby dogs when I yelped with delight.

I arrived not long after 11:30pm, not for the club night, but to see yourself. I was quite shocked. I mean, people are nice and all, but, well its people in Darlington wanting to get smashed to familiar tunes.

But I must say I am glad I waited it out and stayed for your performance. You guys were fantastic and I was incredibly won over with all aspects of your set. Despite the poor sound quality of the soundsystem in there I thought all your sounds translated beautifully live. Pre-recorded sequences, drums, trumpet and quite obviously, your gorgeous and ever-giggle-inducing lyrics.

I was a little worried that after that gig that the North East of England may not have the pleasure of your presence again for a while and wanted to intercept this early! Come back. Just maybe ask me about venues/club nights first.

Warmest regards,

Stephanie Mulrine

PS My boyfriend had to be comforted due to your not having any t-shirts with you. However, come pay day I will make him smile again!

An open letter/request/bordering on petition to The Voluntary Butler Scheme.

Here is the video for Multiplayer. Buy the single when it is released on the 2nd March! Imperative.

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