Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Three days to go..

Friday night, Brixton Academy, Hot Chip. This band are literally a corner stone of my musical existence. They add up to much more than any other band and I have so much personal history connected to them.

Have a song to celebrate.

Taken from the first album.

Hot Chip - Keep Fallin'


FiL said...

Is the chap on the left the monkey who usually has the miniature cymbal?? ;-p

Davy H said...

Mulrine - you are mentioned along with a few of us in today's Guardian Guide blogroll (p.33. Bet we all get DMCA notices now! x

Davy H said...

Here's the link to the online versh.

Mulrine said...


This has made quite excited!

I've achieved a small ambition.

But I didn't buy Saturday's Guardian because I was in London!