Thursday, 16 October 2008

Mr Oizo

Can anyone actually wait for the release of this or is it just turning into a physical impossibility?

The Boyfriend and I have been looking round the internet for anything that comes to be leaked. We've heard a few and to be honest sometimes it just smacks that impatience is a disease made ever worse by the quickening access to everything in the world excelerated by the internet.

Pop Mr Oizo into the Hype Machine and you'll see a selection of various leaked bits.

But I'd like to share this. It actually makes my skin want to burst.

Mr Oizo - Gay Dentists [via YouSendIt for 7 days]


mashupmark said...

Any ideas when its coming out?

Mulrine said...

Its due out on 17th November.

Which feels like an eternity away.

Dj puipui said...

plz...what is the original sample of this track for "my" remix ????

thank's !!!!


Mulrine said...

Oooo. Don't know.

I got the leaked album! Yey! I'm a very happy lady.

FiL said...

Um, izzat a monkey? Or a sheep?? Am I un singe or un mouton andalou??