Monday, 14 April 2008

Oxford Collapse

So, on the advice of my blog and sociological soul mate I got myself along to see Frightened Rabbit at York's City Screen Basement Bar last Friday. When your mind is a little all over the place sometimes, to your great surprise, you find that a drink and the experience of some truly exceptional sound in a tremendous tiny venue can just be the thing to remind you who you are and why you manage to get yourself out of bed on a morning. I realised I'm a music-lover. And realised it hard.

It was pretty much something that took me by surprise, Oxford Collapse, that is. I mean, you are stood probably a foot away and there is not a single great expectation in the air, that is all reserved for the main action of the night. So to be treated to what was a pretty astounding set, so astounding in fact that it was mentioned to me by my friend that maybe they stood Frightened Rabbit up slightly, well, its a rare and wonderful thing.

Something unexpected to sweep you off your feet.

They were fun, fast and fucking sexy.

I'm the proud owner of an Oxford Collapse t-shirt now.

Oxford Collapse - Please Visit Our National Parks [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

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